Ella Rose Syn Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Her Nude Pics

NameElla Rose Syn
Boob Size34C
StatusIt’s Complicated
Lives InUnited States
OccupationPart Time Cam Girl
KinksI am VERY kinky. Lots excites me. Being Dominated, Dirty Talk, Sexy people. You name it!!

About Me

Hi! I am a 20 year old cam girl who loves to take naughty pictures and talk to people.

I cam on chaturbate. I got started doing all of this because I have low self esteem and this helps me feel good about myself.

On top of that I just have a huge love for the sex industry and wanted to find a good way to be apart of it. I am roughly 5’3 I have brown eyes and hair that changes color a lot.

It’s been every color of the rainbow at least once. Some of my hobbies other than talking dirty and getting naked include baking, dancing, playing video games, and spending time with my adorable puppy!

Feel free to check out my camming page and instagram (both are EllaRoseSyn).

Really feel like spoiling me? Check out my amazon wishlist, and maybe I’ll spoil you right back.
Amazon Wishlist

What I’m Selling

Custom Fansigns

I am all for personalized content, and would be happy to make you a sexy fan sign!

I will write whatever you want, either on paper or on my body and take a picture in whatever pose you want (to the best of my ability). We can discuss price, it will depend on exactly what you’re looking for,

Having the writing on my body will cost more than on paper. As well as certain poses and amount of nudity may also change the price

Buy My Nudes

I LOVE taking sexy pictures. I take them both in sets and singles. I have multiple sets ready as well as singles that are ready to go. Those will be cheaper then personalized content, BUT I LOVE personalized content and will most definitely take sets and singles for you.

I am also able to do pictures with either or both of my boyfriends. Yes you read that right I am able to make threesome content for you. Content including the boys will be more expensive. 

My Dirty Knickers

I want to be able to sell worn panties, but that means I need to be able to buy new ones! prices will depend on how long you want me to wear them for, if i masturbate in them, or if I have sex while wearing them (its hard but can be done!)

My Naughty Videos

I am also down for doing sex tapes and naughty videos. Much like pictures the price for content I already have will be lower than custom content.

I am down for making solo videos as well as videos with either or both of my 2 boyfriends.

Yep you read that right I can make threesome content for you. Content with the boys will be more expensive then solo content. 

Other Things I Am Selling

I am up to suggestions and other kinds of personal content you want, just talk to me and we can work out a price. I also have my naughty snapchat, FULL access to my sexy story, talking to me both sexually and not, as well as sending and receiving pictures.

Life long access is $30.00

The pictures not that important to you, your just in it for the dirty talk?

I also have a naughty KIK, No pictures will be send but we can sext or just chat to your hearts content.

Life long access to the KIK is $15.00 

How To Buy

I prefer to do everything through paypal, because its safe and reliable for both you and me. Any questions about anything feel free to contact me through my instagram (EllaRoseSyn)

Or shoot me an email at [email protected]. Please only use the email for questions regarding what I am selling or payment options.


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