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The Three Control Panels

What sometimes confuses people is that you may have up to three different control panels for your account with us. However they each do different things.



Your cPanel control panel controls your main hosting account settings. You need to login to, and use, this control panel if you are using one of the page builders, or any manual way to build your website.

Changing the wrong setting in this control panel can ‘break‘ your account and website, so please do not click anything unless you know what it does. You can contact us at any time if you get stuck.

If you are a Professional Edition client with WordPress installed by our team, you may not ever need to even login to cPanel.

cPanel is the most popular hosting control panel in world, there are lots of help guides and videos covering everything.

cPanel Login Link Check Your Welcome Email


Your Billing Control Panel

This is where you can change your products or services, register a new domain name or even pay any invoices that are due.

This is also where you can contact our Support Team, with billing or Technical Support queries.

Billing Login Link


WordPress Control Panel

This is where you add pictures, videos, pages, blog posts and your profile information if you are using WordPress.

This control panel will control everything people see on your website (only if you are using WordPress)

The location of this control panel will vary depending on the address of your website.