What Is A Private Bean?

A Private Bean is an extra password protected sub-section of our Pro Page packages. You need to subscribe to this package to get your free Private Bean.

You can then add pictures (or video and text with the Pro plan) anytime and charge a monthly fee for access, and only you control who gets in..

You do not need to make use of your private bean at all, if you only want to sell sexy pics, sextapes and worn panties, the Pro Page Package is perfect, just remember the private bean is always available if you want to use it.

Earn Money

Only people who pay you for access, can see what is in your Private Bean. You can store photos, video and text in your Private Bean.

Sample Private Bean

How Do I Create A Private Bean?

Once you have created either a Basic or Pro page account with us, just send an email to [email protected] with the following information.

Subject: Bean Setup


You need to include a short paragraph telling us how to describe your Private Bean on your page.

Also include the price and how you want to get paid.

Once we receive your email our team will create your Bean, add a section on your page advertising it, then send you the link and a copy of the password for you to give your members.

You can then update your Private Bean via email at any time.

How Do I Update A Private Bean?

Once your Private Bean is up and running you can update it via email at any time. Just send an email to [email protected] with the following information.

Subject: Your Bean Address(url)


Everything in the body of the email will get published to your Private Bean.

Updates are fully automated and may take a couple of hours to appear.

How Do I Change The Password?

Your Private Bean password will be automatically changed and emailed to you on the last day of the month.

You can then give this out to anyone who has paid you, or gifted you something.

ONLY PEOPLE YOU GIVE THE PASSWORD TO CAN SEE YOUR PRIVATE BEAN. You can give this password to anyone you choose.

What Do I Charge & How Do I Get Paid?

We recommend you start your monthly fee low at say 4.99, once your Bean starts to grow you can gradually increase the price..

People can pay you however you want them to, all payments go directly to you. We do not take a cut of your earnings AT ALL.

Popular payment methods include Amazon Gift Certs, Bank transfer, Pay Pal, Western Union, Moneybookers and lots more.. Some girls even make a success using cash and cheques sent to a P.O box. The exact payment method you choose will depend on how much ‘work’ you want to put into running your Private Bean.

Are There Any Restrictions?

The minimum amount pictures required to start a Private Bean is 10. There are other restrictions depending on the page type you have.

Basic Page

Maximum pictures you can add a month: 31
Add videos: No
Add Sexy Stories or Other Text Posts: No
Request password change at any time: No

Pro Page

Maximum pictures you can add a month: unlimited
Add videos: Yes
Add Sexy Stories or Other Text Posts: Yes
Request password change at any time: Yes