Fun with Lucy


My name is Lucy! I’m a 5’6, fair-skinned 21 year old woman; I have dark hair, dark eyes, large heavy tits, with some soft tummy and thighs!

I live in Sydney, Australia with my wife, Annabelle. I’ve asked Belle if she’ll share me online, and she said yes! So she will be taking my pictures, watching me touch myself, recording me swallowing down her fake cock, and telling me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it… I’m so excited for all of you to see :-)

Now! Some of my favourite things, so you can get to know me better!

♥ I am small and chubby and LOVE to be held down in bed by Belle. My favourite is when she lets me eat her out before she goes to sleep – I drop to the floor by the bed and have her thighs on my shoulders in seconds, and I get to lick and suck her until she’s had enough.

♥ I am so happy to be tied up, with my arms behind my back and my chest pushed out; Anything done to me in that position, and I melt…

♥ Posing in front of a camera and showing off is a big favourite! I have so many outfits I love to slip off.

♥ Having Belle pound into me from behind with our strap-on is something that can have me coming in minutes. We won’t be recording any of that… but maybe Belle will take a picture of me all fucked and sweaty, if you ask nicely enough! :)

♥And definitely not the last of my favorite things, but the last on THIS list – Rubbing myself on Belle’s leg, her hand, her toys, is a surefire way to have me moaning so loud that the neighbours can hear…. Sorry neighbours!!!

Thanks so much for reading about me, now go get to know me! ;)

– Lucy xoxo

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Sydney, Australia

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Soft BDSM, Voyeurism, Fisting, Breast/Nipple worship, Cunnilingus, Pussy Worship

Fun with Lucy

Buy My Fansigns

I'd be more than happy to have Belle write on me!

Send in something you'd like to see written on me, anywhere you want, with a permanent marker, and I'll make sure to email you back a photo worth keeping ;)

Each fansign is $5 ! Just send me a personal message to my email at [email protected]

Fun with Lucy

Buy My Nudes

I will be posting pictures on my profile singularly and in password protected collections of me
– Nude
– Wearing lingerie
– Undressing
– Playing with toys
– Touching myself
– And plenty more…

To gain access to my collections, which will have themes and plenty of naughty pictures inside, you can paypal me directly and once the payment goes through I will be able to let you see the album of your choice! Each collection will be $10. The especially explicit and erotic ones will be going for $15, so look out for those! You won't want to miss them.

I am open to personal requests xoxo

How To Pay

Please email me at [email protected]! I will give you my link for future use.

Fun with Lucy

Buy My Sextapes

My videos will be predominantly me, kneeling, and sucking all the cocks in our posession.

These videos will be $20, and I will aim to make them as pleasurable and long as the cock down my throat.

You can paypal me directly and once the payment goes through I will be able to let you see the video of your choice.

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