Leggy College Girl

Hi, my name is Sara!

I’m a full time college student, working on my associate of science degree on my track to becoming a Veterinarian. I love animals and I love learning new things, and this career provides plenty of both. Buying from me will both give you great nudes, and me the ability to continue going to college, it’s a win-win!

I have a passion for art and graphic design. I’ve worked a lot with inks, watercolor and various painting techniques, but I enjoy exploring a variety of mediums.
I love the outdoors and living in the gorge provides plenty of opportunities to explore. I enjoy hiking, archery, kayaking, cliff jumping, boating, and I’ve recently gotten started in rock climbing as well!

I have a busy schedule but I love trying new things and meeting new people. I’m an open minded and sex positive person, so don’t be shy!

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Veterinary Assistant

Collaring, body painting, mild knife play

Leggy College Girl

Buy My Fansigns

Five high quality naked photo of me with your name (or a short message or image) drawn on my body...

Leggy College Girl

Buy My Nudes

Getting Naked Outside- A series of 20 pictures of me getting naked either in an area outside, forest, field, etc. Or somewhere else that interests you...
$10 Personal Use
$50 Commercial Use
Resale or Transfer Prohibited

Stripping down- A strip tease set of 20 photos in a private or semi-private location of your choosing. My bedroom? My roomate's bed? A store changing-room? A friends bathroom? Your wish is my command...
$10 Personal Use
$50 Commercial Use
Resale or Transfer Prohibited

Fingering to orgasm- A set of 50 images where I finger myself to orgasm, let me know if you have any requests on clothing, location, etc, on this one...
$20 Personal Use
$75 Commercial Use
Resale or Transfer Prohibited

How To Pay

You can contact me at [email protected], with full details on what you are interesting in buying, and any questions you may have!

I love trying new things, so don’t be afraid to ask if you have something specific in mind. I will contact you back with what it will cost and an estimate of how long it will take me to complete your order.

I take multiple forms of payment including;

As soon as I’ve confirmed your order, and payment, I will get started on your order!

Leggy College Girl

Buy My Sextapes

You choose the theme/location of me getting naked, masturbating, flashing etc.. Minimum video length is 5 mins.. Personal done for you. You and only you will ever buy this video. Licensed for private use only.

$50 for Personal Use
Resale or Transfer Prohibited

Leggy College Girl

Buy My Panties

My Dirty Panties

I will wear a pair on my panties (you can choose the style) for 24 hours. Masturbate in them and send them to you in an air tight bag. Email me with any special requests.

You can see some of the dirty knickers I am selling below...
From $40

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  1. Reply Jordan

    Hey just curious if you could email me for a certain fantasy I’m hoping you could play out for me in a video. :p



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