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I love taking sexy photos of myself and sharing them with people. My favorites are pinups, lingerie, and half nudes, but baby I’ll take any pictures you want. I get so turned on by the thought of someone else looking at my photos. Pics, videos, Polaroids, panties, you name it I’ll make it happen.

When I’m not having fun online, I’m actually a fairly modest, reserved nursing student and care provider just trying to pay my way through school. I’m 21, Caucasian, pale, and curvy. I would give my boob sizes but the girls are a little different, so I’m 36A and 36B.

I have tons of fun toys and accessories so just ask if you would like to see anything specific. Or let me surprise you with a discounted mystery box!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Don’t be shy!

A Bit About



Boob Size:



Live In:





36A and 36B




Nursing student; care provider

Big dildos, anal play, lingerie, pinups

Buy My Nudes

Sexy Fansigns

Fansigns are fun!

Fansigns are $5 each or 3 for $10

Personalized Photos or Photo Sets

Nudes are my favorites. Fully clothed pinups, hot lingerie, sexy nudes and half nudes, steamy masturbation pics. Tell me what you want and I'll try to make it happen. Or let me surprise you with a discounted mystery box. It'll be a grab bag of slutty photos for you to enjoy at a greatly cheaper cost.

Here is my pricing outline:

Pinups: $25 each or 5 for $80
Lingerie or half nudes: $1 each or 5 for $3
Nudes: $2 each or 5 for $6
Steamy pics with toys or masturbation: $10 each or 5 for $25

Or, my personal favorite! Grab yourself a **mystery box** of photos of all sorts. You can list off a few things you like and I'll curate the box around that or just let yourself be completely surprised. Boxes are $5 for 10 photos, $10 for 50 photos, or $20 for 100 photos.

How To Pay

I accept payments through Google Pay.

My email is [email protected] .

If you are unable to use this then send me an email and we can discuss other options and find something that works for you.

Buy My Sextapes

I'm not as comfortable with videos yet as I am with photos, but maybe you can change that? Send me a request and we'll see.

Personalized naughty video: $5/minute
Random naughty video from my collection: $5 regardless of length
Or snag yourself a mystery box! $20 for 3 videos, $50 for 15 videos

Buy My Panties

Like what you see in my photos? Want to make it yours? Just say the word and I'll send it over to you. I can send them clean, worn, or 'used' ;) Regardless, it is same price for all to account for price of the underwear/bra/other and shipping.

$30 each. Extra $20 if you want me to purchase a brand new one custom for you (I'd be happy to do this!)
Or $60 for 5 items.

Other Services

If you think of anything else just send me a message and I'd be happy to chat with you about it.


Or Use the "Email Me" link at the top, to send me a private message!

7 Messages


  1. Reply Phil

    Hi Ava just been looking at your beautiful profile on slipperybean. Do you have any white thongs for sale darling ? x Regards Phil Wilson

  2. Reply gamergaz

    would you do a fansign I could use to advertise my gaming website? i’d pay ofcause :-)
    your well fit

  3. Reply Alyssa

    Also I’m glad you like those pink ones. I literally just bought them two days ago and was so drawn to the color. Always loved lace.

  4. Reply Alyssa

    Hi Ed ;)

    I would rather email you but you didn’t list one so I’ll respond here. I’m so flattered by your comments. I got a little hot too just now, that’s the first time I’ve ever got a (solicited) sexy comment online! I’m sorry you’ve had a tough run with romance. I know how it feels. I’ve certainly had my share of awful experiences. But the internet, in most cases, seems to be no place to find true love. This is one case where I won’t be overly flirty or beat around the bush but I want to clarify that I will not reveal any personal information about myself other than what I look like, especially address. I’m just on here looking for a good time and to have some quick fun! I think I’m too jaded to be anyone’s fairytale.

    Though I refrain from meeting in person you’re more than welcome to email me ([email protected]) for some casual fun. I hope you are able to find a beautiful woman to love who is somewhere closer to your home state though!

  5. Reply Edward

    Hello Very Pretty and Very Beautiful Ava are you Single or are you Married Because if You are not i am interested in you very much so and i am turned on by your photo of you in your Pink Panties Set You are very Hot just seeing you in this makes me Hot for You (Ava) My name is Ed i would like to meet you for Coffee or Tea) i will tell you this i got Hurt buy a Very Beautiful Young Women that I was Writing LOVE Letters and Paying a Lot Of money”( for Eleven Month:s) and the sad thing is that I Never got to Meet HER just on The Screen of my Laptop all because SHE lives in another (COUNTRY Of UKRAINE) SHE Asked me To Married HER We maid Promises to each other to get Married when She came over to the (USA) This COUNTRY) Anyway That is why i Like seeing you in This Photo Pink Pantie Set i Hope You do not Mind You Are Very Pretty and Very SEXY in That Set Sorry i got HARD In my Pants Will you Marry Me Ava For Real that is if you are Single) I am a Kind Caring Tender Loving very Affectionate Person or if you Prefer Man i would like to lick and sniff those Pretty Sexy Pink Panties Of Yours) no joke i told my UKRAINIAN Girl the same thing Ava and I Was In Love with HER as Well from The HEART My Heart i Poured out my HEART TO HER DAY After DAY and NIGHT After NIGHT Just Writing LOVE Letters Truly) I Ben lied To Before and Hurt I Don”t Break Women”s Hearts they Break My HEART I just though you should know I do want to buy this pink Panties Set but I don’t have a Credit Card have to Buy Prepaid Cards and that is one of the reasons I said i paid a lot of money just to Poured out my HEART To my UKRAINIAN Beautiful Women Her Name is Natalie and She Dumped me and now i am very lonely without the Love of a Beautiful Women a Good Person to Talk To i am not a bad man or person i am a Kind Caring Loving Person anyway Ava I Live in Pennsylvania State) City Ephrata) Perhaps i can Meet With you or have your phone number to get to talk to you Ava Sexy Name my though or email me. Thank You (Edward)



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