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I’m Tomie. :) I run a small private business in the Boston area that offers the following services…
~ Bodywork (Massage) Therapy
~ 1 on 1 Personal Training / Yoga Instruction
~ Health Coaching
~ Body Waxing / Brazillians / Manscaping
~ Manicures & Pedicures
~ Ionic Foot Baths
~ Lady’s Night Events
~ Corporate Events
~ Photography Shoots

Please feel free to message me for more info or bookings. :)

I’m a brand ambassador for a couple different companies. Future Bikini rocks. I’m bringing back the one piece thong this summer. *innocent smile

I realized a short while ago that I have a bit of a budding exhibitionist in me. I LOVE dressing up and taking naughty pictures. :)

I’m seeking new experiences and inquisitive I suppose. I am not at all into casual sex, I never will be. Yes, you have to get to know me and become my friend first. I suppose if I found the right situation I could be persuaded to be quite curious indeed, but it would definitely have to be the right situation. lol ;) The 60% Degradee mark in my BDSM test is because I get off on dirty talk in bed. I despise being treated poorly however. I am submissive by nature, but only to a rare few. I’m very much the ‘house pet’ type. I have skill sets in Executive Assisting, Physical Therapy and Massage, I am also a yoga teacher and a health coach and I do Brazilian bikini waxing. I am a process server as well, and I have done side jobs hired as a freelance PI before. I have my CPR, Wilderness First Aid, TWIC, MARSEC, top secret, (I was interior communications in the military, top of my class. :) and I am a limo driver as well. I insist on wearing the cute hat however. ;) I am quite versatile, YAY for adaptability!!! *grin Even here you might be surprised the fun I can get into in a pair of heels and a bandage dress with an innocent dumb smile plastered on my face. ;) I am very quiet and rather reserved. Antisocial for the most part. I do not like large crowds, or large parties, I prefer smaller, quieter, more intimate settings. I just arrived to the east coast a couple of months ago after a big move from the west coast, and I LOVE it here. :) I am looking for new friends. I like intelligent minds, good conversations, and I love answering good questions. :)

There is very little to almost nothing that shocks me. I have very few limits, and with the right person, (the unicorn that doesn’t exist haha) I would be quite happy to explore were they rich, poor, or anywhere in between. :)

I’m an ex ballet dancer, a current gymnast, yoga teacher, and aerial acrobat. I take very good care of my body, Wax bare, Love getting pedicures, and I do believe I am at my most content when I am lounging in lingerie reading a good book or playing a good game on PS4 or possibly Netflix and good food delivery. :) I am a sucker for good chocolate and fruit, collect comic books *shhh don’t tell, and I love rough crazy kinky sex. :)

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Neverneverland, Isle

Owner & Manager @ Phoenix Rising Consulting Inc.

 I ADORE getting gifts and taking naughty pictures, I love playing dress up, Role Play, CNC, Photography, I’m submissive in the bedroom, Switch on occasion, Lingerie Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Clothes Fetish, Sex toy collector, Wish Lists, Spankings, Deep throating, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Shibari, Bondage tape…

Shy Enterprising Exhibitionist / FinDomme'ish Sex Kitten

Buy My Nudes

Nude pics on request or per pic. Please contact me for more info.

Shy Enterprising Exhibitionist / FinDomme'ish Sex Kitten

Buy My Panties

Panties, and Yoga tights

How To Pay

I take payment via PayPal or Venmo or CC. Shipping is covered by purchaser.

Shy Enterprising Exhibitionist / FinDomme'ish Sex Kitten

Other Services



Or Use the "Email Me" link at the top, to send me a private message!

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  1. Reply kelvin Grant

    how are you doing??
    i love your pictures and i am a model ok?
    please send me your email address for me to send you my cute pictures ok?

  2. Reply J W from Boston

    Abi – I’m glad I found your page! Can’t wait to see you again.

  3. Reply CottonLover

    mmmm might have to get some of your panties…

    have you got any cotton ones



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