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Hi, there! Are you a daddy who loves to spoil his good little girl? Do you love lavishing her with attention, spankings, and money? If so, perhaps you’ll let me take care of you?

I’m an adventurous woman with a lust for lust. Tell me I’m a good girl. Tell me I’m a bad girl. Either way, I will absolutely adore you. Let me show you how much I appreciate being your girl and In return, take good care of me.

I’m here for two reasons- one is to fulfill my own desires to make money doing what I love- and I love nothing more than to show pictures of my naked body. The other reason is that I also crave the satisfaction that comes with knowing that my Daddy is pleased with my work and will use my photos and panties to show me just how happy I have made him.

Spank me when I’m bad, but spank me even harder when I’m good ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you, Daddy.

Love always,
Charming Ella

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Charming Ella




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Daddy, Masturbation, Dirty Talk, Teasing, Biting, Hair pulling, Spanking, Lingerie, High Heels, Oral Sex

Take Care Of Me, Daddy

Buy My Pictures

Sexy Fansigns

Risqué fansigns (not fully nude) are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00

Nude fansigns are $10.00 each or 3 for $20.00

Locations of fansigns and poses are entirely up to you!

Personalized Photos or Photo Sets

3 photos for $10.00
10 photos for $30.00

~ Poses are picked by you!

*Please note that I am open to special requests but these will be discussed via email beforehand. Any props, toys, lingerie, outfits, etc you would like me to use in my shoots must be purchased by you and is not included in the cost of the photo set.

Take Care Of Me, Daddy

Buy My Sextapes

2-3 minutes of masturbation with a fansign is $10.00
3-5 minutes of masturbation with special requests is $20.00

Any props, toys, lingerie, outfits, etc you would like me to use in my videos must be purchased by you and is not included in my price. We will discuss the details for your customized video via email.

How To Pay

The only method of payment I accept at this time is PayPal. Payment needs to be made in full before I process any orders.

Please note that all special requests must first be discussed via email.

Any toys, props, outfits, etc that you request are an additional cost. In order for me to purchase said items you must first upload the funds for these items to my account, as well as payment for your preferred method of shipment. You must also email me the link to the item(s) you would like me to purchase. Once I have purchased everything you’ve requested I will send you the confirmation email so you know when the purchase has been made. As soon as the items are received I will begin to complete your order!

It is also important to note that any items you have me purchase can be shipped to you after your order is completed for an additional $10.00. If you do not wish to have anything returned, I will consider the items as gifts from my Daddy..

For any questions, requests, or purchases, you can contact me at [email protected]


Take Care Of Me, Daddy

Buy My Panties

I will wear my panties for as long as you like up to 24 hours. Each purchase comes with a free fansign photo of me wearing the panties, as well as a personalized note for my Daddy

Worn panties: $20.00
Panties I’ve worn and masturbated in: $30.00

Want a video of me masturbating in the panties I send you? Add $10.00 for a 2-3 minute video!

Take Care Of Me, Daddy

Other Services

I also write! If you would like a personalized short fiction, email me the details and I will write you something very special! The cost of each fiction is $15.00.

Want a little of everything? Email me and we can tailor a package just for you! An example would be as follows:

-One risqué fansign
-One nude fansign
-Themed Photo set of 10 (mix of risqué and nude)
-One pair of Panties I’ve worn and masturbated in
-One 3-5 minutes video of me masturbating
-One personalized short fiction
-A love letter from me to you..

Total cost for sample package: $80.00 (This does not include the cost of any toys, props, or outfits requested. These items are an additional cost)

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    • Reply Ella

      Thank you, Daddy ❤️ Taking photos in my bathtub is one of my favorite hobbies. Something about wet skin and bubbles . . . ?



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