The old adage “sex sells” is still true to this day. However we all know that there is free ‘porn’ everywhere on the internet. So why would guys pay exactly? 

Personalized PicturesA Sexy Slippery Bean Girl

The key to being successful selling sexy pictures and naughty sextapes is to offer something that is hard to find. A unique niche that suits you..


We have lots of girls earning a full time wage, by only working a few hours a week. If you put some effort in at the beginning, you can do really well, selling naughty nudes, home movies and even your worn panties & dirty knickers..


The type of people buying your pictures or videos are looking for something different. Lots of guys like to ask for certain requests, it may be a certain type of outfit, or perhaps they would like their name written somewhere on your body.. There are lots of ways to personalize your pictures and videos to sell..




QualitySlippery Bean Support Zone

Always try to make your photos and videos in DAYLIGHT.. The more light the better the quality. Invest in a new camera if you need one..





TeasersSimple Tips To Take Great Sample Photos

If you create a sexy photoset or a naughty video for someone, make sure you add some samples to your website. The more sample naughty nude and sextapes you can show, the more you will sell.




CostsSimple Tips To Take Great Sample Photos

When you first start out, set your prices really low, you will get more sales and more practice at creating photo sets or videos.. You can always raise your prices gradually to start making more cash, but starting out low is the way to go..