SlipperyBean Help Zone

Welcome to the SlipperyBean Help Zone. We have updated our help section to make things simple and quick to use.

SlipperyBean is run by myself and my partner with the help of a small dedicated team of ex (and current) sellers. We try to answer messages and support requests 24/7, but please bear with us in busy periods.

Member Help

Check out the useful links below, they provide lots of information and helpful tips.

If you need to contact a member of our team please login to your billing account and open a support ticket. This will ensure we have your details, and can answer you as quickly as possible.


Non-Member Help

If you are not a member, and do not have an account with us, you can email

This is for customers who do not have a SlipperyBean Seller account. If you have an account you need to login to contact our team.


Update 12th September 2020: Due to a problem with our upstream provider we are unable to access or read customer support tickets at the moment. We hope to have this issue fixed ASAP and will go through any backlog as quickly as we can.

Please bear with us at this time, we will get to you as soon as we can.

Update 8th September 2020: All systems are okay with no reported problems.

Update 3rd July 2020: Most members now moved over to faster servers. The caching process has started but will take a few days to spread out globally. But then you should notice a big improvement :-)


If you have any problems please contact us at any time. There may be a slight delay in our responses but we will try to get to everyone as quickly as we can.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are a couple of the top questions we receive. You can find the answers to more questions about SlipperyBean and our services here.

Tap or click to see the answers..

How Do I Create My Profile / Page?

Once you have created your billing account with us, and made payment, we will send you an email. This email will have all the information you need to get started.

If you can not find this email after a couple of hours, have a look in your SPAM folder for an email with the subject line “Your SlipperyBean Page Instructions

If you can not find this email, contact our support team and we will help!

What Is The Difference Between Beans & Pages?

When you first join SlipperyBean you get a page, either a Simple or Pro page, depending on what package you choose. 

Pages advertise what you are selling, including any Beans.. When your SlipperyBean Page is live, you can create a number of ‘Beans’ free.

Beans are password protected pages that can hold your private pictures or videos. You can then control access by selling the password(s).

You don’t need to use the Beans, you can just use the page by itself. Beans are just an extra way for you to make more money :-)

You can see a sample page, using our Beans (and selling directly) right here..


+ You can use a page to sell your nudes, videos and even worn panties etc. 

+Beans are an extra feature, they are password protected pages that can hold your photos and/or videos.

+ Each Bean can hold between 20 – 100 pictures or between 1 – 10 videos.

+ You can set the password for each Bean individually.

+When a client pays you (directly – we do not touch a penny of your earnings.) you can send them the password for the Bean they have purchased.


How Should I Price My Beans?

We have found the best way to price a bean is to start of cheap. It is a lot better to sell access to one Bean 1000 times at $10 than it is to sell it once at $100

You can always raise your prices at any time, so don’t worry about starting off too low..


How Many Beans Do I Get?

Our Basic Page Package comes unlimited with 2 Beans included free of charge.

Our Pro Page Package comes with unlimited 50 Beans included free of charge.

Extra Beans can be added at any time with a small one of fee of $10 per Bean.

(These costs cover the hosting, protection and streaming of your photos and videos. We do not add anything to your prices and we do not take a cut of your sales ever!)


Are My Pictures Protected?

Yes, your pictures (in Beans) are protected while on our website, using a password you set. Only people you give this password to will be able to access your beans.

You can also licence your pictures for either personal use or commercial use, and even set different prices for each.


Do I have To Use Beans?

Nope, not at all, you can use your page to directly sell your nudes and naughty videos, store them on your own computer and email them to clients yourself.

Our Beans just make it easy and when people can see you actually have products ready to buy, well it increases your sales?

Remember you can also use your page to sell worn panties / dirty knickers and anything else legal..


How Do I Create New Beans?

We have several ways to create a new Bean, the simplest is to email us with your pictures, Bean Name, Description and a secure password. Our team will then set it up for you.

You will receive all the information when you join.


Do You Promote My Page?

We promote all sellers when they first join and again when a new Bean is added.

However you will always be the best promoter of your content.

When you signup to slipperybean your page will get it’s own unique page address, use this page to promote yourself wherever you want. The more you promote it, the more money you make.

Our most successful sellers promote themselves like a real business, everywhere they can.

Create a new Twitter account, Facebook Page and even Tumblr & Google+ accounts. These can be in an alias if you don’t use your real name online!

Our most successful users promote regularly their public page and individual Boxes on other websites, social media channels, and through online networking (chats, communities, etc).

Have a look at our articles about maximising your sales:


How Do I Create A Bean?

A Bean is a password protected page that can hold your photos or videos. Once your main Profile Page is completed you can start adding Beans.

You can create beans using the following links;

How Do I Cancel My Account?

If you decide to leave us, you can do so at anytime by closing your account. All you have to do is login to your billing account and contact our team directly

We will be sad too see you go, but will close your account.. Your page will automatically be removed as soon as your paid period is up.

How Do I Find My Page?

Once you have created your Profile, it will be added to the ‘Latest Sellers‘ section of our website, usually within 24 hours. 

You can also login to your billing account(above), then select your active service, to find your page address. However your page address will not show up until it has been added to the website.