Tips For Selling Worn Panties & Dirty Knickers
By AmyLou

Lots of girls are turning to the internet to make extra cash. Some have even learned the secrets to making money selling worn panties and dirty knickers online in 2019.

What with Brexit in The UK, the threat of another global recession, now is the time to start earning extra cash working from home, selling nudes, sextapes and dirty knickers and SlipperyBean is a great place to start..

To Begin

Selling worn panties is not difficult, and there are thousands of guys looking to buy dirty knickers right now.

Follow my advice and you will soon be selling as many pairs of knickers, as you can wear in a week!


A Sexy Page

I was lost, when I wanted to start selling worn panties & dirty knickers online. I ended up joining lots of sites and paying out a shit load of money. I really wish I had know about SlipperyBean back then. I was paying monthly fees to loads of places, yes I was selling panties but still..


Slipperybean gives you everything you need (The Pro Bean) to sell your worn panties and dirty knickers online!


The key is to setup a good web page, and keep it updated. With SlipperyBean’s Pro Bean, they build it for you and make sure it looks great. You can send them regular updates and they will add them, so your page is always working hard for you.


Keep your selection of panty pictures upto date..


Once you have your page up and running, then you can include that page in all posts and tweets. Directing people back to your page, so they can contact you and place an order for your dirty knickers.

How many pairs of panties can I sell?

Most guys want you to wear your panties for at least 12 hours, before they buy them. However some guys like panties that have been worn for 24 hours or more. So really you could sell 7 – 14 pairs of dirty knickers in a week. Well if you were wearing them all the time and masturbating a whole lot..

I aim to sell 5 – 7 pairs a week, with extras that can easily earn me £300+ a week. That pays my rent and bills, then with the few pictures and videos I sell, I don’t need to work..




Did I mention masturbation?? Well I hope you like being horny all the fucking time. The thing I never realised when I decided to sell my dirty knickers, was how many guys want me to get off in the panties.

Luckily for me, I have no objection to masturbating for a living. It has to be the best part of my job lol I usually masturbate a couple times in each pair of panties I sell.



Add Value

I love to add little extras, I find the guys love it and I get to charge a bit more.

  • Sometimes I take a nice pic, of me wearing the panties I am selling..
  • Sometimes it’s a picture of me masturbating in the knickers i am selling.
  • Sometimes I record a shot video and include that with my dirty knickers..

When I include a picture of me wearing my panties, before I sell them, I prefer to print it off, then sign it.. It makes it much more personal.



Twitter & Tumblr

It is so easy to make sales, I mainly use Twitter & Tumblr as my main sales channels. All it takes is a couple of posts a day, teasing pictures of me in my panties some text etc, and a link back to my website.

On my website guys can see more sample pictures then fill out a form and make payment.. I then grab a pair of panties and get to work. Laying around rubbing myself off lol. Such hard work…



Ziplock Bag

When I am done wearing my panties or knickers, I take them off while they are still damp. I always masturbate again towards the end of the allotted wear time.. So when I take them off they are still really wet, like me lol, and I pop then straight into a plastic zip lock baggie..

The bag with my dirty knickers goes in a thick brown envelope with the picture(s), and anything else, and a short thank you note.

I also offer a discount code for when they buy their next pair ;-)




I love chatting to people, I love sending naughty messages to guys, knowing they are getting turned on.. It turns me on thinking that there are loads of guys out there with my panties, sniffing them, wanking over them…

Personally, I find chatting with guys puts them at ease and makes them more willing to buy me nice things :-)

Hopefully I will sell many more pairs of my worn panties and dirty knickers and turn on lots more guys :-)

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for taking the time to read this, sorry if it’s still confusing, it’s the first time I have written something like this.

I hope you have as much fun selling your worn panties and dirty knickers as I have. Oh and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I will try and help..


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4 Messages


  1. Reply Nasty Von Nette

    Hi amy! Thanks for your text it helps me, because I was wondering how do people find my page,but I guess that is threw social media? I have been creating and updating my site for the whole january2018 and ill keed on doing that. Do you have any tips how to get clients. Im too scared of getting caught thats why i cant advertise threw fb. Is it legal if I make a twitter account with my “porn name” Nasty von Nette? And honey, if you have time..could you do me a HUGE favour and check out my website and maybe give some tips to get started and making money…! Thanks allready darling ☺ -Nette p.s. this is my web site –>

    • Reply Amy

      Hi Nette

      Definitely make a new Twitter in any name you want, that is legal and most girls do it. Also you could consider setting up a Facebook PAGE in the same name. Creating a new FB account would violate their ToS but creating a page in a different name is fine and won’t be linked to your main account.

      The main think is not to give up. It does take a while for people to start coming but they do..

      The thing that worked the best for me, at the start, was blogging. A few posts a day, like we all do on Insta, and people will soon start coming. Apparently Google loves websites with regular updates lol When I started you used to have to publish blog posts manually to every service. Now I am sure there are plugins that will take what you post on your blog and automatically post them to Twitter, Tumblr FB and the rest..

      Social media is the key, links all your social media accounts back to your website and everything will pick up soon enough.

      If I get time I will check out your site, I’m off to Australia for 6 weeks in a few days. But good luck with everything xx

  2. Reply Charmaine Hatton

    Hi Amy I’m looking to advertise my photos of explicit poses and want to offer them to choose what I wear and let them choose what toys or machines I insert with the option if buying the underwear after can you help me please x

    • Reply Amy

      Hi Charmaine

      You are in the right place. I think a Simple Bean would do you, but the Full Website Bean gives you so much more options and the ability to grow..

      Cheers Amy



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