Tips On Creating Sextapes & Naughty Videos That Sell..

Selling sextapes is not just for celebrities, if you and your partner(s) want to earn extra cash then why not make and then sell your sextape in 2020..

Using one of our ‘Beans’ you can promote and sell your sextapes/naughty videos nudes and even worn panties. Or go all out and sell all of these. Most girls earn the most money when selling nude pictures with personalized videos and sextapes. Lots of guys will want to buy your smelly panties to go with your sextape.

There are not really any limits to what you do in your sextape as long as its legal.

Tips For Making A Great Sextape Or Naughty Video In 2020


  • You really don’t need a partner, if you don’t have access to one ;-) Solo sex tapes and naughty videos of you stripping, masturbating and other sexy things will sell!


  • Try to make the sextape during the day or in good light, no one really like watching poor quality, dark clips.. You can only get away with poor quality video if you’re really famous!


  • Try to position the camera, on a stand, so it can capture all the action.


  • Use a different camera (or phone even) to provide different angles and close ups. You can then edit these into your sextape with Windows Movie Maker or a similar video editing tool.


  • Keep the original audio, people like to know that your real and that audio can be a great way to interact with potential buyers.


  • Be as original as you can, laying on a bed in one position with your legs spread for someone, will not interest most guys..


  • Create sextapes and naughty videos based on your page viewers requests, if possible, as that will normally create more sales. Be open to ‘reasonable’ requests..


  • Put together a short teaser clip of your sextape to be used as a sample. These will really help boost sales. If you have our Pro Bean you can add this at any time..


  • Take some ‘screen grabs’ or captures to use as sample pictures for you sextapes and naughty video..


Editing Your Sextape

Always try to edit your naughty videos or sextapes to produce a nice ‘product’ that will make people come back and purchase more from you.

We understand that editing your video clips into a sextape might seem like the hardest bit. As such, for a small fee, our team will take your video clips and edit them to produce a good quality movie and sample for you to add to your page.

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