Tips For Selling My Nudes
by Alice

I was really skeptical when I started selling my nudes. I thought that no one would pay for naked pics, when the internet is full of them..

In some respects it’s true. If you just stick up a few nudes in a private gallery and put a price tag on it, you will make a big fat nothing….

So are there any ways to make money selling nudes online?? 

Yes, and if you follow my advice you can make a success selling your nudes as well..

What To Sell

As I said before, just sticking random nudes in a gallery and trying to charge for them won’t get you anything.. But there are ways to go about selling nudes that do work..

Here are my top tips.


Theme each gallery

When deciding what to put in the gallery try and always pic photos that were taken at the same time, so they look like they match at least.

Pick a theme before you start taking the pictures for each gallery.. Plan out a routine, it could be a simple striptease or something more elaborate. 

Be adventurous, you want to make money, work at it. Oh and have fun doing it ;-)


Take Your Nudes During The Day

No one will pay for crappy pictures, that look dark or grainy. BLBP (badly lit bedroom porn) doesn’t sell.. If you don’t have a good camera find someone that does.


Local Photographers

There are lots of photographers around the globe that are always looking for models. Usually this would be on a TF basis. You ‘trade’ your time modelling for the pictures and the rights to use them. That way the photographer gets a model for a few hours and you get high quality pictures for your website..

One photographer I use regularly is Alan Lloyd Photography in Torbay, his website is here. If you need a photographer, give him a shout. It doesn’t matter where you live, he will be able to point you to someone who can help..


A Friend Or A Mirror..

If you can’t ask a local photographer to help, then why not get a friend to take your nudes for you..

Failing that, a full length mirror is great for taking nudes. Bit hard to carry around for outdoor stuff but great for in the house..


Ask People What They Want To See

You will great feedback, and probably some really scary stuff as well, if you ask on your website or Twitter, what guys would like to do..

You have to have a thick skin and ignore the idiots, but it works and you can get some great ideas.

My most profitable nude photo series came from an idea posted on my website. Basically my visitors wanted to see me stripping nude in weird and unusual places.. I picked locations at random and made a new gallery weekly. 

How To Sell

There are so many ways to sell your nudes, I can only tell you what worked for me..

You need a website, obviously I choose SlipperyBean to sell my nudes. This was for one main reason..

I wanted full control. 

I wanted to be able to create and add new galleries, with my nude pictures, and most importantly I wanted to be able to remove them when I wanted.

So once my website was setup, I concentrated on adding password protected galleries. These galleries held my naughty nudes and even sextapes I had recorded with my partner. If you don’t put some effort in, and add content, people will take one look at your website and decide that you don’t do much, and they will move on.


Run A Sexy Blog – Run A Sexy Blog

This is really important so I put it twice.. Your website comes with a built in blog.. USE IT

Seriously, even though it might seem like you are talking to yourself for the first few weeks, you will be doing yourself a massive favour by blogging on your website..

Why you ask?? It’s all about traffic. To make the most sales, you need lots of traffic to your website. That means lots of human visitors..

Every time you publish a blog post, your website send a little signal out to lots of Search Engines. The more often you do this, a couple times a day is good to start off with, the quicker Google and Bing etc will list your website and start sending people..

So blog blog blog and blog some more. Use naughty words, lots of em..

Add teasing nudes or nearly nude pictures, often.. Let people know what you like and don’t like.. 

Ask questions.. That is the best way to get people to respond. Get people talking, you increase the chances they will spend money on you..


Be adventurous, be daring, be you…. Have fun :-)

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