Remaining Safe On SlipperyBean

Keeping yourself safe while selling naughty nude pics, sexy videos and even worn panties.. A Guide!

Remaining safe online is a big thing, and although using a service such as this is never 100% safe, you can make it safer for yourself by following these simple tips.

Use A Fake Name / Persona..

The only time you need to use your real name on SlipperyBean is when creating your account. Oh and we don’t share that with anyone, or publish it anywhere.

When you create your page, come up with a fake name or persona to use. Infact hardly any of the information you use has to be ‘true’ make up as much as you want.


Use A Well Populated City

When you make up your bio, use a well populated city in another part of your Country as your location. This will make it harder for people to locate the real you..


Showing Your Face

Choose carefully whether you want to show your face in your pictures. SlipperyBean operates worldwide and while it is very unlikely someone local to you will see you, it is possible.

This is one of those dissions you need to make for yourself. There are lots of panty sellers that choose not to show their faces. There are also lots of nude picture sellers that do.. Or you could compromise and use a costume mask or similar.. 

With our Pro Bean, there is no reason to show your face at all.


Don’t Link To Your ‘Real’ Facebook

If you are going to use a fake name or persona, make sure you create new social media in that name. Don’t ever link to your real Facebook or Tumblr etc..

You can create a new account with most websites, with the exception of Facebook. But they allow you to create a FACEBOOK PAGE in any name you want.. 


Don’t Arrange To Meet People You Don’t Know..

This one is pretty obvious, do not meet strangers from the internet, but if you….

  • Take a friend..
  • Tell people where you are going..
  • Tell people who you are meeting..


Act Like An Adult

You are not a child, we do not allow children to use our services, so the biggest tip I can give you is “take personal responsibility” for you safety.

You are an adult and you are allowed to do whatever you want.. But don’t expect other people to protect you if you do stupid things :-)

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