Would you like to get a free Professional Bean for one year?



Would you like to get a free Professional Bean for one year?

Would You Like To Earn Extra Cash For Christmas?
To promote our freshly designed website we are looking for several girls to make a short sexy welcome video. All you have to do is get in front of a good quality camera and make us a short, 1 minute, sexy video in return for a Free Professional Bean, for one year.. Yes totally free..




Your video must be in HIGH QUALITY make sure you check your settings..

Make your video at least 60 SECONDS long..

Film your video in daylight if possible. The lighting will have a major impact on quality..

Practice a few times and select the best ‘take’ to send us..

You can be naked, or wearing sexy lingerie, the choice is yours..

Most of your body must be visible in the video, close up of face only not accepted..

Make it as ‘natural’ as you can and try to look like you’re having fun..


Script Ideas


Hello, my name is ******. Why don’t you join me, and lots of other girls on Slippery Bean. You can use your bean to do anything you want. Including selling your sexy photos and videos, and even your dirty knickers if you want to. You can even run a portfolio or naughty blog. So why not join Slippery Bean today and started..


Hi, my name is ********. Welcome to Slippery Bean. I’m using my Slippery Bean to sell my worn panties. If you want to sell your panties to willing guys, join Slippery Bean today..


Hello I’m **********. I joined Slippery Bean to sell my naughty photos and really private videos. Why not signup now and sell your sexy photos, naughty videos and even your worn panties..


These are just a couple of ideas. You can say anything you like to help promote Slippery Bean to other girls.


Submit Your Video


Once you have your video ready, go ahead and create an account, but DO NOT make payment. Open a support ticket with the Subject “Free Professional Bean” and let us know your username and the details about your video.

You can attach the video in .mp4 or .mov format as long as it is under 50MB

If your video is larger than that let us know the format (.mp4 .mov etc.) and size and we will let you know the best way to get it to us.

Once your video has been approved we will setup and activate your new website. This will usually take a couple of days max. This offer does not include Sexkey Integration.




This offer is limited and may be closed at any time before Christmas. We will update this message when this offer ends.

This offer is now over, check our blog for a new offer soon..