My First Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Me

I didn’t really have a proper boyfriend until just before my 18th birthday. My parents were religious and very strict with me and my younger sister. When we started dating we messed around a bit like kids do, but I was naïve and soon he began to push me to go further and further.

It was the day after I turned 18 that he convinced me to let him take some naughty pictures of me. I was shy but he pushed and pushed and somehow talked me into doing a simple strip tease. He was taking pictures the whole time, telling me how sexy I was, and how he loved boobs, and so by the time I was just in my panties, I was feeling better about myself and slowly slipped them off while facing away from him.

I bent over slightly keeping my knees close together, pushing my bum out towards him. All I could hear was the click of the camera shutter, as I lowered my panties over my bottom, my boyfriend gasped as soon as he caught sight of my pussy.

I wasn’t shaved for this shoot, I had never even considered shaving my pussy, but I don’t think he cared about that anyway. He suddenly reached out and put his finger on my butt hole. I almost jumped through the ceiling. I tried to move away and turn around but forgot my panties were around my ankles still. Yes I ended up sprawled on the floor in all my naked glory. He started clicking the shutter again..

I started shouting at him, but he was laughing so hard it started me laughing, I mean it was kinda funny, and embarrassing..

That pretty much ended that photoshoot. But it was by no means the last.

He got more daring with what he wanted me to do, and where he wanted me to do it.

I ended up posing nude in a carpark, on a  train, the station platform, the top deck of a bus, and even on a fairground ride once it was closed. I think that is why I love being naked outdoors now so much. He was turning me into an exhorbisionest. He seemed to know when to push me and when to back off, this got me going further and further each time.

It started off just simple nude shoots, then he wanted blow jobs, so he would take pictures of me sucking him off, then he wanted me to masturbate in public places.

I hated fingering my pussy in public for so long, but would do it to please him. It just seemed wrong, but I guess that was my upbringing.

We nearly got caught so many time. But the closest we came was in a church. It was day time with no services going on, but like most churches the doors were always open, so we went inside. Sitting at the back of the empty church, he made me get my tits out for him, and he took a couple of pictures. Luckily I had a top on I could just lift up and get my A cup titties out for him.

He then wanted me to strip totally but I refused. So he asked me for a blow job, I refused again, but he kept going on about it, strip or suck he said, so I gave in, I usually did what he wanted in the end, and he knew it. So I dropped to my knees while he flopped his cock out in my face.

He wasn’t huge, about 6 inches I guess, so he could still make me gag when he pushed it all the way in, and he did, over and over. For once he put the camera down and just grabbed my head with both hands. The he proceeded to fuck my face as hard and fast as he could, I imagine that the sound of me gagging could be heard throughout the church..

Just as he was about to come a door opened at the other end of the church, in a panic he pulled his cock out of my mouth but it was too late for him to stop and he proceeded to cum all over my face..

I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… As he was already turning to nearly run out the doors. 

Someone was approaching, the vicar. FUCK!

I was about to stand when I realized I still had my tits out, he was getting closer.

I adjusted my top and stood up, he just stared at me in confusion. I told him I was just tying my shoelace. He looked amused as he looked at my feet.. I cringed suddenly realizing I had sandals on…

He smiled and said it was nice to see more youngsters in church, or something like that. He was only about 10 feet away, but stopped and said that I might want to wipe my face before I went outside, and with that he smiled again and turned back, started walking away.


It was about then I realized just how wet I was. What a turn on, for the first time in my life I knew what turned me on, I knew I was an exhibitionist. I didn’t tell my boyfriend that though knowing he would just exploit it, in fact we broke up that night, for a few weeks as I could not forgive him for abandoning me.

While I was single I decided to try doing something daring, so I took a tube ride, being a Londoner I knew the quiet lines and times. Finding an empty car, I got on and sat down in the corner.

I had come prepared, I was wearing a short skirt. I pulled it up around my waist and removed my panties. Spreading my legs I just sat there, as the train pulled into the next station. I forced myself not to cover up, even though it was hard…

No one got on, so I lifted my top up getting my little titties out. My fingers moved to my pussy, and I started to rub my clitoris, I used my other hand to play with a nipple. I have always had really big and sensitive nipples, in fact at school I got teased a lot, by boys saying my nipples were bigger than my tits!

But anyway, I was really starting to enjoy myself when we pulled in to the next station. There were a few people on the middle of the platform waiting to board, but I was in the first car. Meaning anyone looking at the train as it went past them would have a great view. And yup I got spotted.  I could tell several guys spotted what I was doing, I didn’t stop.

I half expected the people who spotted me to walk the train to my car, but they didn’t. It wouldn’t have mattered I did not stop, I was so close.

I reached my orgasm just as we pulled in to the next station, for a few seconds maybe 20 I guess I was in orgasmic bliss. When I finally calmed enough to realize what was going on, we were leaving the station. I licked my fingers clean, loving the taste of myself.

When I looked around I realized I was not alone. A slightly chubby black kid was sat a bit further down the car. He was trying so hard to watch me without showing that he was watching me. Taking my fingers out my mouth I waved at him, he looked down away from me, then tried to sneak a look back. I found it so cute. 

I pulled my top down, to cover my boobs and then pulled my skirt down. I was going to put my knickers back on, but the train was pulling in to a station and I wanted to get off quickly lol

I suddenly decided what I needed to do. I picked my knickers up off the seat and got up to leave, I had to walk past the kid to get off, so as I walked passed I dropped my knickers in his lap, and winked at him. It was then I realized he was in a school uniform!!! 

Like oh shit, I thought he was older than that. Once I was on the platform I turned to look at him, he was holding my knickers with a big smile on his face. I hope I made his day, rather than traumatising him…