I live in Sheffield, and I need to earn money, but don’t have a job. Can I make money, working from home in Sheffield selling my sexy photos, naughty home movies and even my worn panties and dirty knickers?

Naughty Naomi Selling Nudes

We get asked this a lot. The answer is yes, even in Sheffield, you can get a job working from home. Lots of girls are turning to the internet to make money because of lack of work in Sheffield.


I am a bit shy and do not want people in Sheffield to know I am doing this. Is there a way to make sure no one from Sheffield will recognise me?

Normally just wearing a sexy costume mask or hiding your face will normally be enough to stop people in Sheffield from recognising you. Remember the internet is a very big place, the chances of someone in Sheffield finding out about your website is very low, unless you tell them.


Sell Your Sexy Photos from Sheffield

It is quite simple to sell your sexy photos and naughty pictures. We can provide you with your own website to sell things like sexy photos, naughty home movies and even your worn panties and dirty knickers. You can upload your pictures, and password protect them, all from your home in Sheffield. Once someone pays you, you give them the password. Simple..


Sell Your Worn Panties & Dirty Knickers from Sheffield

Guys really will pay you cash to buy your worn panties. All you do is send them out in a zip-lock bag, in plain packaging. You can sell your worn panties and dirty knickers from your home in Sheffield.


Start Your Own Business In Sheffield

This is a legitimate opportunity to start your very own, fully legal, business working from home in Sheffield.

You need to be an outgoing, confident person. Someone who likes to tease! It really does not matter what you look like, or your size, or your age, there are guys out their for everyone. So don’t worry about not finding customers..

Our service is used by real women, real ‘girl next door’ type people who want to earn cash in places like Sheffield, all over the world.

As long as you are over 18 you can sell your sexy photos, naughty home movies and even your worn panties and dirty knickers from your home in Sheffield to people all over the world.



Using #SlipperyBean to power your new business is just good sense. We are experts in the website design field and can help you get your site up and running very quickly. You always have full control of your website and can add your photos and videos, using a simple online control panel, from your lounge or bedroom in Sheffield..

So remember, if you are a bit of a flirt and want to make money working from home, in Sheffield, selling your sexy pictures, naughty videos and even your worn panties join now.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a couple of the more frequent questions we get asked.


  • I live in Sheffield, what can #SlipperyBean do for me?

We will provide you with a website to sell your sexy photos, naughty videos and even worn panties online.

Your own full website. Not just a page on someone else’s website. You have full control to run your business however you want. Everything can be controlled through an easy to use online control panel.


  • Do I need to get naked to make money?

Not at all. You can sell sexy bikini / lingerie type photos. Sexy fancy dress type picture, and even personalised fansign pics. Some girls do not even use their website for selling sexy pictures or naughty videos.

We have quite a few girls that write erotic fiction and naughty diaries etc. You might not make as much money but it is possible to earn money working from home without getting naked!


  • What is a fansign and why do I need to do one?

A fansign is just a sexy photo of you, but with the words “#SlipperyBean” or “SlipperyBean.com” written somewhere on your body.

You need to submit a sexy fansign with your application for a couple of reasons. We use your fansign as identification, to make sure the person creating the account is really you. Your fansign is also used as your main profile picture on your new website. For this reason it needs to be a really good picture.

Have a look at the sexy fansign guidelines to make sure yours complies before submitting your application to sell your sexy photos, naughty home movies and even worn panties & dirty knickers!


  • I am worried about people in Sheffield recognising me, do I need to show my face?

The only time you need to show your face is in your application fansign. This is just to prove that the naughty pics and vids you are selling really belong to you..

You can do two copies of your fansign, one with you wearing a sexy costume mask and one showing your face. We will use the one of you wearing the mask as your main profile picture and the other one will be kept private for identification only.

On your website, you can choose to wear a sexy mask, or just not show your face at all.



If you have any more questions about running your own business from Sheffield, selling your sexy photos, naughty videos and even worn panties please click the Live Chat link or use the Submit A Support Ticket link in the information menu above.