Simple Tips To Take Great Sexy Photos For Your Website


Simple Tips To Take Great Sexy Photos For Your WebsiteSimple Tips To Take Great Sexy Photos


Great sexy photos, for your website or page, are really important. Especially your fansign, as this will be used as your main picture in our Sexy Girls Directory.
They are what will convince people to stay on your site longer, and ultimately, spend money with you.

These quick tips may seem like common sense but hopefully they will prove useful. Firstly and most importantly, don’t rush taking your sexy photos, take your time and have fun..


Make sure your camera or phone is set to the highest quality and file size possible.

Try to take your sexy photos in daylight. Natural lighting will make you look a lot better and make your photos stand out.

Instead of posting random photos, try to theme a small group of pics. If you are not sure what to do a simple striptease, spread out over 8 to 12 pictures is a great starting place.

If you are wearing underwear then wear your best, sexy lingerie if you can, looking your best will make you stand out from the crowd.

Pick a niche, lots of girls all over the world sell their great sexy photos, you don’t want to get lost among them. There are lots of niches that are great sellers, some might suit you some might not, a couple of popular ones here  include bbw, mature, teen, sexy student, bored housewife, feet, corsets, outdoor, toys, legs, spanking, Pantyhose, Tights & Stockings..

Make sure you smile, or at least look like you are enjoying what you are doing. If you look friendly and approachable more people will contact you to buy your sexy photos, videos and worn panties etc.

Make sure the image suits the place you want it to go on your website. Learn how to use the Gallery Feature, if you have a Basic or Professional Bean, these make your photos look great. If you need help positioning or resizing your photos, ask our team.


We hope you have found these quick tips for taking great sexy photos useful. If you need any more help or advise you can always contact us via our live chat or by opening a support ticket.