This is an older page, from a previous SlipperyBean version. If you want to sell your nudes, sextapes and worn panties, signup now.


Would You Like To Earn Extra Cash For Christmas?Everything may seem a little overwhelming when you first get your SlipperyBean website. So we have put together a short post to help guide you.


What Should I Do First

Your new control panel is quite simple to use. It contains a nice menu on the left hand side enabling you to access all the features.

Have a look around and familiarise yourself with the different options.

Your control panel can be found at <>/zone1


The Difference Between Posts & Pages

A lot of people ask the difference between pages and posts and how to use them properly.

We recommend you use pages for the main parts of your website and posts for blog posts and password protected galleries, videos and stories etc.


What Pages Should I Create

You can create any pages you like. However we recommend a few common ones to get your started.

You will see you have at least two pages already.

Your Homepage;  This is the first page people see when they visit your website. It should have a couple of images on it and lots of text.

The other page is for your blog and does not need to be edited at all.

When you’re ready to create new pages we recommend creating these to start with.


  • Bio Page
  • Fan (or Sales) Page
  • Worn Panties Page
  • Contact Me Page

We have now included samples of these pages on all new websites, you can either use and customise them, or just delete them and create your own..


The Menu’s

When you have added the pages you want don’t forget to make a menu or add your new pages to an existing menu .

You can find the menu’s under Appearance -> Menus


Useful Links:

We have come across a great video tutorial for WordPress that we recommend everyone watch. Some features may not be accessible due to the package you have purchased but overall it is still excellent.

This video was not created by us and not all of it may be relevant.