Using Twitter & SlipperyBean To Make Money Selling Worn Panties

Selling worn panties & dirty knickers #pantyseller

Using Twitter & SlipperyBean To Make Money Selling Worn Panties

All you really need to make money selling your worn panties and dirty knickers is A SlipperyBean account and a Twitter Profile.

Hello, my name is Naomi and I have been selling my worn panties for a while now. I love the job and make enough money now that I do not need to work full-time any more.

Selling panties (I also sell my nudes and naughty videos) is a real easy job, but it still is a job. If you don’t put any effort in, you probably won’t do very well.

All you need to get started selling your panties is a camera, Twitter account and of cause, panties to sell.

You could also do with a SlipperyBean account, as it is a great place to create private picture / video galleries. Only people you give the password(s) to get access, even SlipperyBean don’t have access.


  • Watch what other sellers are doing and try copying their Twitter posting style etc. You will learn lots of useful things by watching other successful panty sellers. 
  • You are the boss, if a potential client starts demanding free pictures etc. block them and move on. Don’t ever give in to demands. 
  • Start low, you can always raise your prices as you go.. 
  • Offer lots of choice, different colors & styles of panties, naughty picture galleries and even sextapes if you want to. You do all this with a SlipperyBean Seller Club Membership.

What Is a SlipperyBean Seller Club Membership Good For

I use my SlipperyBean page as an advert I can point potential customers to if they want to know more. I am verify on there as well, so that helps.

You can also create unlimited private galleries, each with individual passwords, only you can give out these passwords, either when someone pays you or as a reward etc.

Each gallery can contain pictures or videos.

Once your SlipperyBean profile is setup, include that link in your Twitter posts sometimes, or if someone asks if you have a website or something.