Jo Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Her Custom Naughty Nude Pics

Name Jo
Age 53
Boob Size 34C
Status Married
Orientation Straight
Lives In Ipswich
Occupation Housewife
Kinks Spanking, outdoor, dogging
New at this but willing to try out new stuff

All About Me

Bored housewife with long term husband. We both want to get more adventurous with kids being out of the way more often!

We regularly nip down the garden for a quickie in the shed and love to stop off for a romp in the fresh air after a night out at the pub.
My hubby gets turned on at the thought of someone driving past and then reversing back to get a good look. I think he’d love it if they came over and asked to join in. The idea of dogging is very interesting to us.

My rabbit gets a fair bit of use even if he’s at work or joining in at home. We’ve begun experimenting with both up there at the same time. It’s getting me more and more horny.

I’d love you to buy my knickers or tights especially after I’ve worn them for 24 hours. I’m happy to play around while wearing them and send you photos. My hubby has even said he’d wear one of my black lace top stockings while fucking me and then send it to you guys – again with photos available. It could be more of a turn on for me to wear pants that you have chosen and sent to me so I can send them back to you nicely “worn in”. 

What I’m Willing To Sell

Buy My Custom Fansigns

At least 5 photos (2 nude included) poses of your choice from £20

My Naughty Pics

5 pics in a set for £20

Buy My Sextapes

Coming soon..

Buy My Dirty Knickers

My own pants or tights worn for 24 hours, Yours sent to me and worn for 24 hours, Dirty stockings, All with 3 photos minimum..
From £15

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Contact Me / Buy Stuff

Paypal account only – [email protected]

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  1. Reply Colesmith

    Hello pretty, How are you doing?I do Came Across your profile and Its very Lovely and Awesome.



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