Shorty Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Her Custom Naughty Nude Pics

Name Shorty
Age 23
Boob Size 36C
Status Single
Orientation Anything Goes
Lives In Brookewood
Occupation MILF
Kinks Being Dominated, Controlled, Spanking, etc..
Shorty's Page

About Me

Hey guys and girls. Well I’m 5 ft. And a sexy Lil thang! I got the body of some say a Goddess. I would love to show you and let you decide!

You can buy my naked pics, with your choice of message written somewhere on my body.. 

I am only selling nudes right now, but let me know if you want something else..

What I’m Selling

Custom Fansigns

I’m selling nudes for $7 a piece. Well worth the money! And
semi-nudes for $5 a piece.

You can also buy 10 pics half nude/half seminude for $50!

You will love what I have to show you!
From $7

How To Buy

You can send payments to money gram to Renee files using the test question where did we meet and answer: online 

Or use my PayPal: 

2 Messages


  1. Reply Brittany

    Hey yall. Just wanted to shout out to all my fellow sexy guys and girls. I’m ready to make some sales. And my pictures are so amazing even I get turned on! ;) contact me when your ready to see what sexy lil poses I can get into!



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