43 yo Canadian MILF in the midst of a sexual revolution

Name Brandi Paria
Age 43
Boob Size D
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Curious
Lives In Canada
Occupation Healthcare
Kinks Lingerie, toys, anal, squirting, sorry talking, facials, cock worship

All About Me

Heyy babes, I’m newly single, since April, after a 22 year vanilla marriage, and in the space of five short months I’ve gone from missionary sex to full blown porn star. I never did anal, took a nude or used any toys until I became single this year and now I’m wildly insatiable and want to explore every part of my body and my desires and I absolutely love to learn about kink. Maybe it’s because I hit my prime or maybe it’s because I was repressed for so long but I am making up for lost time with a vengeance.

I already have amassed an obscene collection of lingerie, heels and toys, and I am not afraid to use them, I am a total exhibitionist and it really turns me on to know people are getting off on my content. I want to hear if you used my video or picture and the how, who, what, where and why. I also love dick pics and jerk off videos, bonus points if you’re using my material for inspiration.

I am super active online and respond to messages and questions promptly, so don’t be afraid to reach out, I’m hoping you will request customs from me as that’s such a thrill, and I’ll be waiting in the wings, dressed in my sexiest outfit, butt plugs anc nipple clamps in hand, ready to deliver on your requests. When I’m not working I’m doing sexy pics, creating videos or researching porn and what turns me on the most.

Some vanilla facts, I have two French bulldogs, I’m a space nerd, I crochet, sew and make jewelry, do photography and most important of all, making memories and forming connections. I’m very laid back, chill and sort of a hippy vibe. I’ve been told I still look like I’m my 20s and on my case, sexier, hornier and more in touch with my sexuality than I ever was at 20.

I still have a lot left to learn, for example I want to really get good at talking dirty, something I’m still working on. I need the practice so give me your best and dirtiest custom requests, pretty please.

I am a shy nice girl in my vanilla life and no one would ever suspect me to be producing amateur porn when I leave my day job. That’s part of the fun for me and also part of the thrill of my naughty secret being discovered.


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What I’m Offering

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Naughty Pics

Nude/lingerie photos are available at £3 per photo and are available in sets of one to five.

Customs available for £4 per photo and are available in sets of five.

Buy My Sextapes

Solo masturbation videos are £4 per minute.
Custom masturbation videos are £5 per minute with a minimum request of 4 minutes.

Partnered videos are £4 per minute.
Custom partnered videos are £5 per minute with a minimum request of five minutes.

Buy My Dirty Knickers

I will wear a pair of sexy panties for 24 hours. Masturbate in them and send them to you in an airtight bag. Email me with any special requests.

From £50 per pair (includes US Delivery

From £60 per pair (inc. UK Delivery)

Live Content

Skype, Snapchat and WhatsApp are available at $3/min with a minimum request of 5 minutes.

How To Support Me

Contact me @

Instagram- brandiiiparis
Twitter- brandiiiparis
Email- [email protected]
Kik- spaceca184

I accept Paypal and Amazon gift cards at this time.

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  1. Reply Fred

    I like what I see ! can i book a half hour of your time ? Toys would be fine!



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