CakeyGirl Is Now On SlipperyBean Selling Her Nudes & Worn Panties

Name CakeyGirl
Age 28
Boob Size 36C
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In El centro
Occupation Cam Artist
Kinks Dominant, Dominatrix, Rope, altocalciphilia, corsetry, food play, kigurumi, latex/rubber, ropework, stigmatophilia, stockings, socks, hoisery, underwear, uniform, wax play, yeastiality, feet, oculophilia, odontophilia, quirofilia, golden shower, hematolagnia, menophilia, mysophilia, scatophilia, macro fethish, somnophilia, agoraphilia, aquaphilia, claustrophilia, inprisonment, intoxication, sadism, medical play, impact play, caning, flogginf, spanking, cumshots, sensation play, sensory depravation, amaurophilia, breath play, choking, collaring, discepline, dirty talk, face sitting, penis humiliation, queening, katoptronophilia
CakeyGirl Is Now On SlipperyBean Selling Her Nudes & Worn Panties

All About Me

Hey guys! Its the one and only cutie patootie with a biggol natural booty and an even bigger heart, here to share my body with you! Im a sweet loveable slim thick girl whose big on giving back and promoting self love. Im not here to twerk or conform to societal norms or to be that girl who just takes selfies every day expecting people to pay her for them. No, that is not me at all. Im here to form a relationship(friendship) with the people that admire and adore me. I want to know who you are, what you do, why you chose me and what I can do to provide exceptional service!

Up skirting, nude pranks, cosplay, pussy pics, videos, and much much more! Come join me so we can have lottsa fun together!!! xoxoxo Love ya always! Muuuuuuah!

P.s. .. you can see all the kinks im willing to be involved in (mostly in dominant form) in the kinks section. Check it out!

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What I’m Offering

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

I’m Selling My Custom Fansigns

Fansigns however, whichever and wherever you want. Get creative with your requests! Prices are per picture basis

Clothed fansigns including lingerie – $5
Topless- $15
Booty – $25
Custom or Polaroid – $50

I’m Selling My Nude Pics

online set of 15 photos, clothed and nude, 100$ / fully nude – 150$ / Custom – prices vary
Polaroid set of 10 photos clothed and nude, 100$ / Fully nude – 150$ / custom – prices vary

I’m Selling My Dirty Knickers

Stockings or socks – $100
Underwear – $150
teddys/bodysuit – $200
Any article of clothing worn in my shoots – $300
Shoes – Prices Vary
My prices are high but I strive to provide the best quality service! your items will come with the following:
– the requested item gently handled and packaged in airsealed packaging, 2 online photos the day the item is being worn (per day), a polaroid picture and a handwritten thank you note. If you have any preferences as to your purchase, feel free to contact me before purchasing.

Other Things I’m Selling

Im pretty open minded and creative. Don’t be shy to make a request! My sales, and interactions with all my clients are strictly confidential and I do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any sort! Your secrets are safe with me and you will never feel uncomfortable!Email

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Support Me

Email me at [email protected] for order information and payment details.
I accept Paypal, Venmo and Cashapp

Love my work and wish to make a contribution? You can send me a tip at$cakeysworld

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  1. Reply NewLover

    hello love, I’m interested in your services. please get back to me using the contacting email

    • Reply Cakes

      Hi hun,
      I sell whatever you want to see! Cosplay, nude, fetish. Im very open minded and very creative. Make a request and I will make it happen!



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