CeeGees Is Excited To Show You Her Nudes, Videos and Knickers

Name CeeGees
Age 48
Boob Size 36C
Status Married
Orientation Straight
Lives In Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Occupation House wife
Kinks Being naked, Voyeurism, photographed naked, videos of me and my toys, I love to suck a good dick and fuck

All About Me

My Name Is Cee Gee. I’m a 48 year old milf. I have long blonde hair, dark blue eyes. I’m 128 pounds, dripping wet.

I like being outdoors. I like to fish, ride my four wheeler, Take my dog out for hikes. I also enjoy shooting and the American way of life.

Then there is the Girly side of me . The side that likes to curl up under a blanket, and watch a movie.. Play dress up in my new high heels, and my sexy lingerie. There are days when I walk around my house in nothing but fishnet stockings and high heals. That is when my camera man goes in to action. He helps me fulfill my need to be photographed!

I Love to flirt with the camera. I also make videos of my self masturbating with my wide array of dildos. Being in front of the camera, is a giant turn on..( something I just discovered).

I’m just a small town girl, with simple likes.. My favorite food is tacos. I like the color green. I don’t drink coffee.. its tea instead.. (coffee makes me go too fast!). I like all animals. I prefer them, to people a lot of the time.
I have no kids.. Just pets that act like children. I enjoy the quiet moments life offers.. Nice hot bubble baths… Massages that go on forever..Pleasures…. I hope this tells you a bit about me..

I use paypal for payments and my contact email is [email protected].

You can also find me on pantydeals as CeeGees62….. Sorry I do not kik or skype.

If you like my page, and me, please consider hitting the Facebook & Twitter buttons above to share my SlipperyBean profile page with the world :-)

What I’m Willing To Sell

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Custom Fansigns

I have done a fan sign naked…

Buy My Naughty Pics

I have abundant files of pictures of me doing everything in my videos and they are categorized. I sell my pictures for $2.00 each and file sets of 10 for $20.00. They wont disappoint they are close up so you can see every detail. I am always open for special requests.

Buy My Sextapes

my videos are a collection of me masturbating. Me playing with my dildos, and sex toys. Me giving blow jobs. Me having sex. Lots of naked me. The videos are 7-10 minutes long. I wear a mask to protect my identity . I will not do a video without it.. Or Pictures.. I also do custom Videos. I let you write the script, or help me write your desires. Videos are 20.00 -25.00 dollars. ( depending on length and content). Its basically 3 dollars a minute.. Then loaded on the google drive so if you make a purchase I then just have to share it with you..

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Panties are worn 24 hours , in order to get my full essence. ( always open to special requests). Panties are vacuum sealed and shipped the same day. You will then be provided with a photo of me wearing the panties, and a tracking number, to track your package. I have bikinis, thongs, hipsters, grannies, and boy shorts. All of mixed colors and patterns. I wear a size 6, but i do have 7s in stock and some size 5s.
Most are cotton. or a cotton blend. I also sell bras, socks, leggins, Just ask, I might have what your looking for..

Other Things I’m Selling

I have a google drive with almost 40 videos in it with a lot of picture files. I would think most or all of you know how the google drive works. I’m selling subscriptions for $50.00 and this would be a life time membership. You can also find me on pantydeal.com as CeeGees62 I have been selling my wares for a little while now.

I also sell my well used collection dildos, and sex toys.. All have been used by me, and if purchased will include my essence. Prices may vary. They will be vacuum sealed, and sent same day. Tracking number will be included along with picture of me using my toy.

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Contact Me / Buy Stuff

This is how to buy anything from me. I use paypal and this is how it works. You find something that you want and you send me a request for what you want. Next step is that you give me your email and in turn I give it to paypal and they will send you a payment request for you to pay for what you wanted I will have my prices set so you know what each item costs. Once I receive payment then I vacuum sealed and mailed in an discreet package. I use the USPS and I do not charge shipping. When mailed I will send you a tracking number for your package so that you can track it.

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    Hey I’m a guy in a relationship looking for someone to send me some pics I have E transfer if you except that



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