Cutecpl4Fun Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Nudes, Naughty Videos & Panties

Name Cutecpl4Fun
Age 35 / 39
Boob Size 34D / 6 inch
Status Married
Orientation Bi-Curious
Lives In Duxbury
Occupation Banker/Service Tech
Kinks Spanking, fantasy, light bondage, voyeurism
Cutecpl4Fun Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Nudes, Naughty Videos & Panties

All About Us

We are a happy, married couple who enjoy life and having fun. We have a naughty side as well apart from raising kids, working full time jobs and living everyday lives. After dark, we really love to handle each other, touch places and feel warm things! We kiss every night, we sleep closely and snuggle. :)

Some times, my body gets tingly and I can feel my thighs ache for a nice long hard piece of man and that’s when things get rough and rowdy! We take naughty pics and videos and we spank, we tease and please. I let my husband make me his bad little girl and he owns me.

WE are open to fun, respectful times and have limits too! We might be curious to explore the boundaries and we will start right here by letting the world know, we love sex, sexy things and offering it to those who want to feel as we do- a bit, aroused? :)

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What We’re Offering

You can see exactly what we are selling below. We will let you know if we are selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave us a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Custom Fansigns

We are open to making fan art and making signs for those who request them!

Got an idea for a theme? (Thanks giving? Christmas? Valentines day? Make a request and we can build your very own personal collection!)
Got a really dirty mind? Share it, maybe we can help you keep that dirty mind where it belongs….on us!

We will provide content our viewers want and makes them happy- sex pics, of her or him. Couple photos, sex vids and a fan favourite, worn panties! She has wonderful taste and smell, ready for you to dive in!

My Naughty Pics

We are open to making fan art and making signs for those who request them! $5.00 can earn you some really nice things!

  • Collection of 20 themed Photos is $15.00
  • Personalized XXX-Mas Card? $8.00
  • Sex vid collection $20.00

She has wonderful taste and smell, ready for you to dive in to those panties; $30.00 for one pair for 24 hour wear, $50 gets you two pair! (Want them really nice and soaked? 5 dollars for ever extra day of wear, mmmm)

Buy My Sextapes

Sex vid collection $20.00
This would include toys, masturbation, couples play (him and her), spanking and fun video collection.

If you have a request for a video, water sports? Cum shot? Name called out just for you? Or just a fantasy play? $10.00 for your own personalised video.

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Worn Panties: Mmmm, the good stuff! She smells and tastes soooo good! You have to have this!
$30.00 for 24 hour wear
$50.00 for two pair
$5.00 for each additional day of wear
*Panty Club-sign up for a monthly delivery and receive a 4 pair of wonderful, luscious wet, juicy panties for $80.00! Each with personalised Photos!
$25.00 for a nice set of boxer briefs worn by him (Who knows, maybe panties are not your thing)


We make sexy gifts, by real people! “Relationship Goals”
Holiday, birthday, valentines day- Relationship goals is the brand and here is where it gets big! Custom gifts, just for you! Want a nice coffee mug with her beautiful round ass on it? $20.00 Maybe you want a pillow made with a photo of her flawless breasts? $35.00 We can make all kinds of custom gifts. Got an idea? Ask away and we can price it up, just how you want it! Dirty is fun, so are we!

Our Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Support Us

Paypal is the best place to do any kind of business; [email protected]
(We can create a custom invoice from Relationship Goals” and send it to you. Once payment is made, off it ships!)

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