Wild and funny, love my pussy dripping will do as told

Name Aphrodite
Age 34
Boob Size 38D
Status With Partner
Orientation Straight
Lives In United Kingdom
Occupation Chef
Kinks Bdsm, pussy smacking, pussy sucked and licked, I live Mt pussy being stretched. Anal is a big kink for me. Strap ons and butt plugs, masturbation, outdoors, chocked ans to watch hard core porn. Tasting My own juices

All About Me

hey guys and gals, not really sure what to put here so here we go …… 

I’m a mum and live in the UK I’m a full time chef and live to gey down and dirty in the kitchen,

I love to get down to it and be pleasured aswell as giving pleasure, I love to be chocked and stretched out it makes me moan and drip. 

♥  I have dildos and silicone molds of cocks as I love knowing who’s cooking I have entering me when I masturbate. I love to have some fun with out plugs and strap ons, no kink here goes unnoticed or shamed I’m open minded to everything. 

I am up for fulfilling your fantasy and create any personal request you have for me. I will do personal photos,  videos and fan signs on my body just for you I will send you what every your heart desires. 


I love ro get frisky when others are around and I especially love when I get fingerd or fuxked infront of people and they have no clue it really gets me going. 

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What I’m Offering

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Custom Fansigns

I will be selling fansigns of all different perspectives and requests
I can so fully clothed , part nude , full nude , I can do it with a toy in me or what ever you would like to see from me , give me a comment or message so I can fulfil your request
The prices for these will start from £5 upwards depending on the style you’d like.

Buy My Naughty Pics

Hey there . . . .

I will be selling my nude pictures these can be fully nude or part nudes what ever tickles your pickle I am up for,

I can sell these as singles as per request or multiple albums which ever you would like

I can do specific albums and a multiple of different type photos which ever suits your style no request will be turned down
The prices for these will start from £5 , if you contact me we can sort some payment for your desires.

Buy My Sextapes

Hey hey my sexy lot . . . .

I will be selling a variety or videos here for you these can be any were from masturbation, being played with, being used as a puppet (wink wink) , even down to being plowed from behind , from the side, from the front to the back :)

These will be anything from pussy to anal amd maybe if you’re lucky me doing some one up the atae with my strap on ;)
My video prices will start any were from £5 upwards depending on your request

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Hey . . . .

I am all up for selling my dirty and used knickers bras thongs or even socks

If you have a certain kink or item you’d like me to wear and sell let me know and let me make that dream come true.

I can sell anything from 1 item upto what 7 items a week for you, if you’d like a variety of different underwear or clothing items just let me know and we can make you dripping by the end of it just like I will be :)

Prices from these will vary due to your request

Live Chat’s & Shows

I have not really explored this side of this bit would be willing to try this out

I am all up for doing one on one chats and for a price I can send you my personal email , snap chat and we can explore more on a level :)
Nothing is every out if the question from me and nothing will ever be looked down upon instead I will thank you for the new exciting things you have introduced to me

Other Things I’m Selling

Hey . . . .

If I have no coverd anything that interests you I am all up for anything else tpud like to want or suggest .

I am open minded and my kinks can be endless
Just pop me a comment or a email and I will respond amd get to work just for you :) x x x x

My Private Beans

Email me now to get access to the beans you want.. 

Photo Beans

Naughty knickers

Just a few cheeky pictures of some of my naughty knickers and legs open or maybe closed who knows, come check them out and if you want more send me an email and I can do some personal ones just for you 
Only £4 (10 pictures)

Naughty pussyand anal

This album has pictures of my wet pussy with a dildo in me and fingers a whip and a butt plug in my small little holes
Why not want more and want to see me stretched out
Only £5 (17 pictures)

Video Beans

Dildo, but plug, moaning and fun

In this video you will see me being played with and having a butt plug inserted in me making me moan I also have a nice fat dildo being inserted making me wet and want more. Come watch it and get your happy ending :)
Only £7 (1 video)

How To Support Me

I accept payments through either bank transfer or PayPal

I can be personal or what ever you like on my page.

All my prices start from £5 and will be variable to your request ir what ever I post up to sell.

You can reach me on my email address which is

[email protected]

And for a certain price I can send you my personal email and snap chat
For payment on PayPal this email will be given once we have an arrangement

11 Messages


  1. Reply Rachael

    My pussy is throbbing and wet fancy watching me get fucked hard

    Drop me an email and let’s get this going xxxx

  2. Reply Hi

    Message me on kik @buyfeet098
    Or Snapchat @Mcihawl
    I’m ready to pay for private contents like feetpics , sexy panty pics on

    I’m 48years Old

    So just looking for fun while I return with some funds

    I’ll be expecting you hun

  3. Reply Aphrodite

    Hey you horny guys and gals,

    I’m off to work very soon only on a
    6 hour shift so guess who’s getting naughty and creative after work ;)
    Just think of how you’d like to see me maybe it’s in my chef whites being bent over the kitchen side . . . . Or maybe it’s seeing me with My new fur butt plug in with my collar on or even just with a nice boudoir outfit on. Let me know in a comment or email, speak to you all soon my sexy people let’s get dripping together x x

  4. Reply Aphrodite

    Hey everyone

    Just a quick one i am creating more content tonight is there any special requests if so send me and email at
    [email protected]

    Let’s get each other going :)

  5. Reply Rachael

    Hey everyone I’m asking ypu what type of xontemt you’d like to see me do …. xome on through your wildest dreams at me and let’s speak to see what we can do for each other.

    I’m selling body pictures single and albums for from £5 , this will include videos aswell so give me a message and let’s make each other wet :)
    I’m doing person fan pictures aswell starting from £7

    I’m also selling my used underwear from £15 just for you.
    Drop me a message on my email or comment here xx



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