Getting You Hard Gets Me Wet Let’s Have Lots Of Fun

Name Funfaye25
Age 27
Boob Size 34D
Status Married
Orientation Anything Goes
Lives In Cum city
Occupation Slutty sex slave
Kinks I don’t think there is much that doesn’t turn me on

All About Me

Hello you sexy devil

How about you drop me a message with how i can turn you on.. Turning you on makes my pussy so wet

I love to play with my pussy all the time, my tight little wet pussy, all for you.

I’m a little gym girl now, just imagine me getting all hot and sweaty in my tight gym clothes

I’ve been told I’m such a MILF and how I’m the typical girl next door

Wouldn’t you want me next door to you with my tight pussy and big tits?

Well if so, drop me a message
Kiss kiss xx

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What I’m Selling

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

I’m Selling Custom Content

I’ve done all sorts of videos and photos
I’ll always talk you through what I can and can’t do

I’m Selling My Nude Pics

I’m happy to send to all of my cum wet panties that have been worn especially for you

I’m Selling My Sextapes

I can play with my pussy all day long for you, I can call out your name as the cum comes out of my pussy 

I’m Selling My Dirty Knickers

Anything you want I can give to you

Other Things I’m Selling

Anything that Turns you on I will try and do
Making you hard or wet makes me sooooo horny. Makes my pussy throb at the thought

My Private Beans

Send me an email or comment below if you want access to my naughty beans.

Selection of naughty pictures

Here is my first collection of private beans A full selection of some of my nudes, naughty outfits and pleasuring myself For the selection of 10 photos it is £20 Only 2 pound a photo, what a bargain The more people buy the beans and make requests the kinkier I will get!! 😛❤️

Selection of beach lingerie photos

Here is my first collection of private beans.... eeeeek so exciting A selection of some professional photos I had done All in sexy lingerie on the beach ❤ For the selection of 10 lush photos it is £25 what a bargain to get you turned on!!! The more people buy the beans and make requests the kinkier I will get!! 😛❤

Beach shoot

A lush lingerie shoot down the beach Cheeky bum and boob teasers Beautiful lighting to show of my curves Will definitely be doing another photo shoot soon to get some more sexy pictures to share ❤️

How To Support Me

Drop me an email and [email protected] and we can discuss your sexy request and discuss payment ;)

51 Messages


    • Reply Faye

      Hey hunny
      No nothing like that on my page
      But can give worth requests
      Just drop me an email ♥️♥️

      • Reply Tom

        Hey there.. Sorry for the lale response, I did drop you a couple of email. Not sure if they got zapped by your spam filter, cause of the content. But if you are up for making some rough anal vidz for me I am will to pay top buckz..

  1. Reply Josh

    umm hi i think you are reall fit. I have never had a girlfriend before and would love to spend some money on you. I just wanna see your pussy if that is okay.

  2. Reply Nicholas

    Hey sexy

    Love your pics, have you got any think else pierced ;-)

    I would love some personal videos of you moaning my name while ‘playin; if that is okay. How much?

    Nicholas x

  3. Reply Darren

    OMG I am in love, you are so beautiful. I would love to see more of you and have money waiting. Are you into any light fetish type stuff, as I would love to see you getting spanked or choaking on a dick. I am also interested in regular new content, willing to pay so don’t worry, I don’t expect anything free lol

    • Reply Faye

      Hey babe
      Drop me an email withy your requests
      I am still here and still eager to turn you on

  4. Reply Joe Grogan

    Your profile is nice and attractive let chat better on via KiK janetsmithjoy I’m willing to spoil you with daily allowance..I will be glad if you text back

    • Reply Faye

      Hey you handsome
      Drop me a email with what you want and I’m happy to help you out for some allowance ????

  5. Reply Lewis

    So what sort of piccys do you sell, any fetish ones. If not what fetishes are you willing to do on cam?

    • Reply Faye

      Hey you beautiful
      What fetish do you have? Drop me an email let’s see if we can get you hard

  6. Reply Edward21

    Hi sweetie❤️? I was attracted by your profile and I have a special request for you today, I would love to discuss more

  7. Reply Steven

    Hi, I’m looking for something specific… I have a strong fetish for clothing and am looking for videos, pictures and clothing from beautiful woman, I also enjoy buying custom naughty videos.. but these are also very specific, with characters, costumes and socks, feet pics .. message me if you want to give one a try.Messages open if you think you may be able to provide something I’ll enjoy message me via ki. K .stevenz46

  8. Reply Faye

    Hey all you sexy horny people

    This girls been going gym so has a curvier body and fresh hair colour
    Come check me out,
    You don’t know what your missing out on ???

  9. Reply MSK

    She is Amazing and so sexy. also. Anything you ask for she will makes for u , also she is very sexy ,, makes very sexy sounds very sexy pussy ,, like your face babe makes me horny , video quality 4k. DONT MISS OUT

    • Reply Faye

      Hey gorgeous
      Thank you for your lovely feedback
      Glad your happy with the custom made video
      I’m looking forward to doing your next custom made video
      Lots of love
      Faye xx

  10. Reply Sir Chris

    AWESOME AWESOME, Anything you ask for she can do it no matter what it is and fast also. Dam sexy and great quality video or pictures. You can lose..

    • Reply Faye

      Hey you sexy,
      I live the fact that you are happy with my work and that you keep coming back for more!!!
      I enjoy doing my custom videos for you, I think they turn me on more than they turn you on!!!
      I’d love to get sending you my panties covered in my cum next!!! Let’s spice things up a bit more you sexy beast!!! Mwah
      Love fun faye

    • Reply Faye

      Ahhh thanks babe
      I enjoyed doing your strip tease photos and loved dressing up for you!!
      Can’t wait to work with you again to get you hard and cumming everywhere
      Love faye xx

    • Reply Faye

      Hey babe
      Drop me an email and we can talk about what videos you would like hunny
      Better to contact me via email as quicker and easier x

  11. Reply Martin

    hi georgous

    I have a bit of an outdoor fetish, do you have any videos of you playing outdoors, either alone or with a man (or other friend lol) !!!

    I’ll check your page regularly, you are one of the hottest ladies on here..


    • Reply Faye

      Hey Martin
      Nice to meet you handsome
      Hope your keeping well
      I Am More than happy to pleasure you by videoing myself via video or photos babe
      Unfortunately it will only be myself in the videos and pictures
      Hope that my sexy body is enough to pleasure you though.
      If you can email me and we can arrange what exactly you would like babe
      Sending lots of love and look forward to our business together xx

  12. Reply Chris

    She is Amazing and so sexy. You get your pics and videos within 12 hours also. Anything you ask for she will do it also so you get your amazing babe doing your fantasy for you. DONT MISS OUT

    • Reply Faye

      Hey Chris
      Thank you my darling
      I’m glad you are happy with the service and that I am able to pleasure you.
      Glad I have your business and look forward to our adventures through videos and pictures again in the near future.
      I aim to please you! Xx

  13. Reply Captain Caveman

    Any videos gonna be added darlin? I would love to watch you masterbatin ;-)

    • Reply Faye

      Hey babe
      If you drop me an email we can discuss what videos you would like
      It’s easier to email than comment on here as I don’t always get notifications about this site
      Hope your keeping well
      And really look forward to you watching my videos
      Love faye

  14. Reply chris

    Hi There been trying to get hold of you on the e mail address you gave above but maybe you never received the e mail

    Would love to buy your pics and custom pics and vids also

    Live in the Uk so bank transfer is also fine for payments

    • Reply Faye

      Hey hunny
      It is the right email
      Sorry I haven’t checked regularly
      Will check more often
      Have replied now xx

      • Reply Chris

        Faye is a great good looking girl, Really friendly and is very concerned to make sure what you ask for she does perfectly, if your not happy then she is not happy. HIGHLY RECOMENDED AND WILL USE AGAIN OVER AND OVER

        • Reply Faye

          Thank you for your comment
          I’m glad your happy with our business agreement and happy with the service o have provided
          Very excited to continue to work with you

    • Reply Faye

      Hey Luke
      I think I’ve just added a coupe of private beans
      One bean has 20 photos
      All sorts of photos
      Naughty school girl, nipple,panties,

      Hope that takes your fancy babe ❤️
      I am new to this so look after me ? x

    • Reply Faye

      Hey Luke
      I’m selling a selection of photos
      Private’s beans have been added for you sexy bunch
      I’ve got nipples, pleasure myself, naughty school
      Girl and pantie pictures x
      Hope I can tempt you and that you like the photos ❤️? x

    • Reply Faye

      Hey Luke
      I’ve uploaded some beans
      But if you drop me an email we can discuss what photos you would like so that you are pleasures properly
      Lots of love faye

    • Reply Faye

      Hey dom
      Glad your excited to see more
      I’m super excited to create some more kinky photos and sell some worn panties
      I think I’ve managed to create my first private bean ?❤️
      Hope you are well x

    • Reply Faye

      Hey Dom
      Hope your keeping well babe
      If you would like your welcome to drop me an email with the types of stuff you would like me to do for you
      Much easier via email
      Hope to hear from you soon babe
      Lots of love



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