Audacity Selling Her Nudes..

Name Audacity
Age 18
Boob Size 34B
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In El Paso
Occupation Self-employed
Kinks Bdsm, toys, men, women, dom/sub, anything goes
Audacity likes Bdsm, toys, men, women, dom/sub, anything goes

About Me

I’m always wet, and willing to try anything..But I’ve never been able to. I’m 18, and very inexperienced..I just want a big, strong dommie to pound me while I go down on a girl…

My kinks include spanking, BDSM, sub/dom, bruising, men, women, lingerie, pegging, anal, roleplaying, and more..

Don’t be afraid to email me, I’ll happily take any requests.

I’m selling worn panties, homemade tapes, custom or regular, and nude photos.
I can also do fansigns, and little personal drawings or pictures on my bare skin..

I don’t do pee and poop stuff..Just sayin’.

What I’m Selling

Buy My Custom Fansigns

I’ll do any sort of custom fan sign upon request. Depends what you ask for. Price may vary.

Buy My Nudes

A gallery of 20 nude or lingerie photos will be $10 each.
If you want something a bit more ‘revealing’, it’ll be $11 for 20 personal photos.

Buy My Naughty Videos

Naughty videos will be $12. Custom videos, depending on what you ask for, can run from $13 to $16 each.

Buy My Dirty Knickers

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my worn panties, email me, and I’ll send you pictures of them before you buy. I’ll set the price. 

Other Things I Am Selling

I’m open to most things. Request something, and I might be able to get it done for you.. 

How To Buy

I accept payment through check, direct deposit, and Money Gram

Contact me through me email
[email protected]

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  1. Reply Marty

    If doesn’t I do ;-)

    How much for a video of you getting it spanked hard???



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