Scarlet Is Selling Her Nudes, Sextapes & Dirty Knickers

Name Scarlet Killpop
Age 24
Boob Size 34DD
Status It’s Complicated
Orientation Anything Goes
Lives In San DIego
Occupation Executive Secretary
Kinks S & M, teasing, being tied up, spanking, girl on girl, bdsm, hair pulling, biting, role play, lingerie, toys, fantasy
Scarlet Killpop likes S & M, teasing, being tied up, spanking, girl on girl, bdsm, hair pulling, biting, role play, lingerie, toys, fantasy

About Me

My mind is full of uncontrollable fantasies and I am always eager for more. I like to be looked at, i like to be touched, sometimes I like to be handled a little rough. I am a natural submissive, and I love when someone (man or woman) takes full control of me and my pleasure. I like to take pictures in sexy lingerie, especially when I have gotten a request and they are special for just you. I like trying to get away with things in public, makes me feel like i’m a teenager again.

I have toys, lingerie, wigs, makeup, body paint, and more. I like to make other people feel sexy and wanted, because its an awesome feeling that everyone deserves. I am always looking for something exciting, like some little fire in me that just doesn’t want to burn out.

Please don’t be hesitant when telling me your fantasy, and requesting unique “just for you” photos/videos… I am very open, and willing to try most things… I love naked creative art, and cosplay. Much love to you all.

xoxo ScarletKillpop

What I’m Selling

Buy My Custom Fansigns

XXX Fantasy Package $40 –10 Rated R photos + 10 Per your request, taken for no one but you, addressed to you in some way or another ( I like to get creative), ( 20 TOTAL!!)

Your Fantasy, all for you… Toys, masturbation, or whatever you want with personal notes about how bad I want your cock in me and your cum…. Well wherever you say .

Tell me what you want:
Desired theme:

For further details, email me at [email protected]


Buy My Nudes

Each Photo Package comes with 5-10 photos

PG13 $15
Dressed, but still provocative NO NUDITY

Rated R $25

Desired theme discription:

Fetish requests *email [email protected] for pricing

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Standard Panties Package $40
Your desired style and color worn for 24 hours.
2 photos of me wearing the panties, then directly put in air tight bag to be mailed to you in a discreet package.

Wet Panties Package $60
Standard Package + 3 More photos, one while I am cumming in them before sealing them in an air tight(like my pussy) bag and mailed in a discreet package.

Golden Panties Package $80
Wet Panties Package + short video of me peeing in the panties while rubbing my pussy.

Desired style
Desired Color


Buy My Naughty Videos

Email me a detailed request for videos and pricing.

[email protected]

Other Things I Am Selling

Like mentioned before, I am always looking for ways to make others feel good too, so if there is anyway I can do that that isn’t mentioned here, Please email me. I do however need to make that money, so emails without a donation will not get a response… to help ensure serious inquiries only.



How To Buy

If paypal is not an option for you, I also accept google pay & CASHAPP. Please email me with “PAYMENT” in the subject to discuss other possible payment options.


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5 Messages


  1. Reply Chuck

    Would you take pictures in an outfit/costume that I pick out for you and supply the funds needed to purchase the outfit in your size to take the pictures in? Of course Id pay for the pictures as well. Obviously shipping takes time. I can be patient.

    Look forward to hearing back,

    • Reply Scarlet


      With the proper arrangements (for my own safety), absolutely; I would be delighted to do so. Please contact me through my direct email to discuss further details. That again is [email protected]

      Look forward to hearing from you!



    • Reply Scarlet

      I’ve always loved the rush of trying to get off in public. You can email me if you would like to request a video of your own. ?




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