Playful But Firm With Money

Boob Size38C
StatusIt’s Complicated
Lives InOuterspace
KinksI love to be smacked on the ass and bit on the neck.
Playful But Firm With Money

About Me

I am a single mom. My kids are everything. I am only doing this to give them a better life finacially.

I only give pics if a payment is made first. I am very firm with that.

I have paypal so if you wanna see this you better pay up. I am a dom if you get my drift so being a bitch is kinda my thing. ;)

What I’m Selling

Buy My Nudes

I will be selling nudes. My set price for each nude is $100 for 2. So that’s $50 a piece. No lower no higher. You do get you chkice of what you want seen, however, I do not show my face and i always cover my tattoos. Thank you for the cooperation.

My Naughty Videos

Masturbation videos are $200 a piece. You will see me play with myself with various toys and vibrators. ;) I have a DP dildo that I’m sure you will enjoy watching it be put to use. ;)

How To Buy

I only accept paypal payments. You can pay via paypal. Message me for details on how to get more info on how to pay. Remember that products will not be given unless money is paid first.

Sample Photos



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