Boob Size38D
Lives InGenovia
OccupationTemporarily unemployed

About Me

I truly enjoy watching movies and TV. It helps me to escape for a bit and forget about this crazy world. I love video games, PC and consule.

I like just driving around especially in the Adirondacks. Love going to the movies and especially drive ins on Friday nights.

What I’m Selling

Custom Fansigns

Fan sign with your name on it or your whatever you want written on my chest with my bra on and only showing up to mouth for $15 or no bra $25.50. Fan sign on my bare ass and only showing it $25.50 or with underwear on and written on lower back right above ass $15. Fan sign picture from pussy to mouth wearing bra and panties for $75.

I’m a thick girl.

Buy My Nudes

Picture of only my boobs- $25
Picture of only my bare ass- $25

My Dirty Knickers

24 Hour Worn Panties $20 ($5 more for each extra day worn and $10 extra for each time you want me to masturbate in them. ;) I don’t get tired of doing it.)

24 Worn panties and masturbated in once $30 ($10 extra for each extra time you want me to masturbate in them in that day :0 .)(

24 hour menstrual panties $20 (Availability depends on cycle)

Will pee my panties for $20.

Other Things I Am Selling

24 hour worn bra $50. ($5 more for each extra day you want me to wear it)*

24 hour worn socks $7. ($3.50 extra for each day you want me to wear them)*

*I sweat a lot

$50 an hour for sexting.

If you’re into something else message me and we can discuss it and I’ll consider it.

How To Buy

Paypal me at

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