Sexy Chubby Barbie

NameChubby Barbie
Boob SizeC
StatusI Prefer Not To Say
Lives InLake worth
KinksI like dirty texts, big thick cocks, dominance, being tied up,
I like dirty texts, big thick cocks, dominance, being tied up,

About Me

I’m young and sexy. My body may be chubby but I’m still sexy as hell. I’m looking to have a good time and turn on some guys. I see my body as an art form, sexy, wild and free. My skin is soft and smells of strawberries. I love the thought of being Dominated and getting my hair pulled. My favorite position is doggy style.

Warm baths with playful toys turn me on. Although rough foreplay and intercourse is great, I enjoy sensual sex. I love the feeling of two bodies touching. Kissing and grabbing, messy hair and grinding.

What I’m Selling

Custom Fansigns

If you want to see your name on my body feel free to request a picture. I do not mind getting a little ink on me ;). Individual pics I’ll sell for 2$ or get a set of 7 for 5$. My prices may vary

Buy My Nudes

I’d love to show my tits and ass off. I prefer not to show my lovely little lady but for anyone who requests I’ll charge more. Sexy nude Individuals I’ll sell for 2$ (vagina included is 4$). A set of nudes (22) I’ll sell for 7$ (vagina included is 10$). Request the nudes how you’d like. My prices may vary

My Dirty Knickers

Wanna see my sexy undies? Feel them in your hands and smell my sweet body. I’ll sell my undies at 4$ a piece. Send me more money and I’ll buy what you want to see me in. My prices may vary

Other Things I Am Selling

If you have any kinks and you would like to see pictures of me feel free to contact me . My prices may vary.

How To Buy

I accept payments through paypal

Sample Photos


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