Slutty Little Blonde Selling Her Nudes, Videos & Dirty Knickers

Name Olivia
Age 18
Boob Size 12C
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In Sydney
Occupation Receptionist
Kinks Spanking, Fucked Hard, Hair Pulling, Anal, Sucking Dick, Deep Throating, Submission
Olivia - Slutty Little Blonde Selling Her Nudes, Videos & Dirty Knickers

About Me

Hey, my name is Olivia, I’m 18 and I live in Australia. I’m single and I don’t have any kids, just living life. I’m a petite, tanned, blonde with a sex drive that’s out of this world. I’m happy to do anything and try new things, I love the idea of being tied up, choked and having my hair pulled whilst being fucked. My favourite thing to do is go out to beautiful places and take sexy nude photos of myself. I love the feeling of the sun and wind on my naked body. I love getting spanked and fucked hard and I love taking it up the ass and I love getting my pussy wet.

I’m a sweetheart and I love making people happy, I love wearing little g strings and cute panties, I love going out in public wearing no panties and a short tight dress, easier when I play with myself hehe.

I will provide you will any type of photo or video you would like to see and I have every type and colour panties you would like for yourself, so just check out my gallery and let me know 😘

What I’m Selling

How To Buy

To contact me please email [email protected] and you can send me money/pay me via this link,, thank you honeys xx

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  1. Reply Lee

    If I want 2 pairs of cum in panties and a video of you fucking both holes in them Is that OK. Plus I love upskirt pictures so would like some of those and some of you bent over with then pulled up your pushy? No skid marks just purn lady cum! How much do a good hardcore vid and picture set in me knickers and stockings and high-heel cost please?



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