Steamy Pleasing Stevie

Name Stevie
Age 28
Boob Size 36C
Status It’s Complicated
Orientation Straight
Lives In Massillon
Occupation Customer service representative
Kinks Adventures, spank me, pull my hair, show me whose boss, will do anything for you for a pay pal transfer
Steamy Pleasing Stevie

About Me

Hi my name is Stevie! I am 28 years old who is all work and no play looking to do anything for the right price, whatever you’d like I’m your girl to do it. Show me whose boss and for the right price I can make it happen for you, I’m in to people pleasing and making a man moan is my biggest turn on so dont disappoint ????

What I’m Selling

How To Buy

Send me money through PayPal please!

Sample Photos

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