Time For Fun, Relaxation And Some Laughs

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Lives InTucson
KinksA mustache that tickles, hair on chest
Time For Fun, Relaxation And Some Laughs

About Me

Hello. I am a 50s plus model. I do different characterizations, dance and relaxation/exercise videos. I did not list an orientation because my work is targeted at all orientations. I am straight.

I have a Master’s Degree in Communications and love conservation hiking. I love to rescue dogs. Part of the proceeds will go to dog rescue. I hope to be responsive and answer everyone.

What I’m Selling

Buy My Nudes

My pictures are very erotic, while following conservative guidelines of not being pornographic. I do different characterizations, including unisex, for all orientations.

My Naughty Videos

My videos are erotic dance videos. I perform Hip-Hop dance. I will post them ASAP.

My Dirty Knickers

I use a g-string. I will be happy to send one with a heart on it for keepsake or you can give it to your partner.

Other Things I Am Selling

I am new on the site. I will provide memorabilia on request.

How To Buy

I receive payment on PayPal email address usera1553@yahoo.com. If you would like to send payment I will provide a PO Box.

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