Veronica Is Selling Nudes, Worn Panties & Sextapes

NameVeronica Listoe
Boob Size32D
Lives InNew York
OccupationSelf Employed
KinksHair pulling, choking, threesomes
Veronica likes Hair pulling, choking, threesomes

About Me

I’m a pretty quiet girl so no one would suspect I’m such a nympho. I want to keep that part of my life private from others. I like to fuck hard and I get horny a lot so I’ve gotten pretty good at taking care of myself.

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What I’m Selling

Buy My Nudes

Breasts only – $150 each
Ass only – $150 each
Full frontal – $300 each

My Naughty Videos

Masturbation – $500
Masturbation with toys and squirting – $650
Custom request videos- $1000

My Dirty Knickers

Worn panties – $40 each
Worn thongs – $70 each

How To Buy

Please send payments to Paypal at Let me know what you would like to purchase prior to sending payment.

Panties are sent out next day, so they are fresh.
Videos will be sent in three days.

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