Locabonita Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Her Nude Pics & Videos

Name Locabonita
Age 24
Boob Size 34B
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Curious
Lives In New York
Occupation Student
Kinks Spanking, Submission, Pain
Locabonita Is Selling Custom Nude Pics

All About Me

Hi, my name is Lucy.

I’m what you would call naughty by nature, I love sex and even more I love role playing. There’s not too much that I’m not open minded to. I want sex to be sensual yet hard rough. I would love to suck on your
cock while you tickle my clit with your tongue.

Penetration isn’t always a must. Sometimes I’ll make you watch me play with myself while we watch lesbian porn. And when you squirt I like it on my face.

What I’m Willing To Sell

Buy My Custom Nudes

I will make you 5 fansigns with whatever you want wrote wherever you want
From $40

I can dress up as a teacher or maybe you would prefer naked shots. You pick what you want me to wear if anything at all and the location minimum 20 pics for$ 50
From $50

Buy My Custom Naughty Videos

You want to watch me play with myself or maybe you would rather see me and my girls have fun getting each other wet, whatever video you would like to see just let me know and i’ll be your star. Minimum 5 minutes for 100
From $100

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Contact Me / Buy Stuff

First send me an email to [email protected] letting me know what it is you want and ill name the price and how long til I can complete your order. You can send the payment western union or money gram whichever prefer.

Thanks I look forward to doing business with you..



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