Name Zodiac
Age 24
Boob Size 34D
Status Married
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In Washington
Occupation Librarian
Kinks Neck biting, bondage, domination, furry, hentai, spanking

About Me

I’m one sexy MILF with a big goal. I’m an independent woman, happy in my engaged life, just needing a little extra excitement in my spare time! In my normal daily life, I’m a full time stay at home mom, part time librarian, part time work from home health nut! Lol! In my not so public life I’m a sexy vixen wanting to be constantly dominated. I’m very unique and into things some people would find weird, which I’m totally okay with. :P I love helping others, so if you’d allow me to, I’d love to help you make those fantasies of yours come true!

My measurements;
28 waist
32 hips
125 lbs

My looks constantly change, mostly my hair, I cannot keep it the same very long, dying it has become second nature! I don’t like make up very much, I’ll wear eyeliner, but that’s about it unless it’s a super special occasion. I’m extremely fit and am a nut about staying fit, toned, and healthy. I love being in the outdoors, anything I can do outside makes me feel good. Art and tattooing are my hobbies, drawing is my meditation.
And I’m completely 420 friendly!

What I’m Selling

Buy My Custom Fansigns

Five (5) high quality naked photo of me with your name or a short message written on my body..
Starting at $25

Buy My Naughty Pics

You choose the theme of me getting naked.. Minimum 20 pics.. Personal to you. Only you will ever buy these pictures. Licensed for private use only.
Starting at $50

Buy My Sextapes

You may choose the theme of me getting naked, masturbating, flashing, etc.. Minimum 5 mins..
Personal to you. Only you will ever buy this video. Licensed for private use only.
Starting at $100

Buy My Dirty Knickers

I am not selling any worn panties right now..

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Buy

First contact me via email ([email protected]) with the exact details of what you are longing for. As long as you are polite I will consider most things.

Then, I will contact you back with the cost and how long it will take me to complete your order.

After, you will send your payment via one of the several methods I accept;

As soon as I have confirmed your payment I will begin on your order..

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