Name Ozzy Suzy
Age 53
Boob Size 36DD
Status Married
Orientation Anything Goes
Lives In Perth, Australia
Occupation Fun addict
Kinks Fun, sex, politeness, kindness, oil, bikinis, restraints, rope, bondage, oral, toys, big toys, kissing, massages

About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by and viewing my page. I’m flattered that you have taken the time to stop by and am hoping you will support me on this path of fun sexy artistic photography.

I have always been a very shy girl and have always considered myself the “girl next door” type, I never thought in my wildest imaginations that I would have the courage to do anything like this. I love artistic photography, sensual and erotic photography and now its getting a lot lot hotter. The fact that I’m now in front of the camera and enjoying the experience is quite beyond my wildest dreams.

It all started with a few fun photo-shoots, but now has turned into something bigger. Putting aside my shyness, I have posted my pics to see what doors may open. So here we are, pics videos, panties and more. If there’s something you like and don’t see, ask me, I’m sure I can be most accommodating in most requests.


What I’m Selling

Buy Ozzy Suzy’s Nudes

Photoshoots are available. Bikinis, lingerie and clothes but they all end up with me nude. Typically there will be 40-50 pics in the photoset.

“Special requests” – absolutely, let me know if we can work something out.

Photosets are from US$30 per set

Buy Ozzy Suzy’s Naughty Videos

Naughty solo videos are available. Starting in bikinis or lingerie, BDSM wear, they all end up with me nude and getting very hot, wet and sticky.

Specialty squirt videos available too.

“Special requests” – absolutely, let me know if we can work something out.

Videos from US$50 per video depending on length..

Buy Ozzy Suzy’s Dirty Knickers

I only wear G Strings. If you like them, well I can certainly help you out there.

Worn and musky G strings, and if you’re really nice, I’ll send them to you with a video showing how they got so crusty.

US$100 for the G’s and video or
US$50 for just the G’s.

How To Support Ozzy Suzy

Payment is ONLY by Paypal. Before you do pay, please just confirm with me exactly what you want and exactly what you’re gonna get.

When you’re happy with that, please Paypal me at “[email protected]

For G’s, don’t forget to include a postal address.

18 Messages


  1. Reply Lawrence

    Hello ,I’m here looking for somes lovely contents,
    My main interest is feet pics, naughty contents and dirty panties, bras. This may include a panties purchase, or content including bras. Shopping avenues are also of interest.
    I am also here to make friends,special request so if you are someone willing to chat about anything else Then that will be welcome.

  2. Reply Derek

    Hi Ozzy Suzy,

    I’d like to see pictures of you completely naked kneeling and bent over and from behind on the deck of a boat on a good sunny day :)


  3. Reply Gary

    I like what i see , kindly email , want pictures sets with nude , wow you look wow and make me horny wowwwwwwwwwwwwww… reply pls

    • Reply suzy

      Hi Gary,

      I have lots of sexy stuff, lots of naughty stuff, and lots of hot hot hto stuff that will make you hard !

      Email me what you want

  4. Reply Levi

    Hello Suzy I’m looking to buy some sexy videos, but is there any chance I could get a little vid to get me started. Xxxxx

  5. Reply victor

    very nice picture sampe.. I am looking forward to seeing more.
    will email you very soon x



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