Taegan Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Nudes, Naughty Videos & Knickers

Name Taegan
Age 22
Boob Size 34B
Status Single
Orientation Bi-Curious
Lives In Sterling
Occupation Sexy Student
Kinks Kisses, biting, spanking and choking
Taegan's Page

About Me

Hi! I’m 22, and I live in New England. I enjoy going to concerts and the bar. I love drinks with friendly people and meeting new people everywhere I go. I’m striving to travel the world someday because I love being in new places. The wold can be a beautiful place if you make it that way!

What turns me on is sexy men with sexy tattoos. Nice smiles. Make me giggle, and I’ll get wet. I love sexy stories. Kisses, biting, spanking and choking are all my main turn ons as well. 

What I’m Selling

Buy My Custom Fansigns

Fan signs per request. $10 each unless you want multiple I can do then for $5 if you want more than 2. You pick the outfit theme, and where you want your name or words written one me. 
From $5

Buy My Nude Pics

Anu custom photos will be $25 per set, includes 10 photos . If you want more you can request it. You choose the location and attire I will wear, or not wear ;) 
From $25

Buy My Naughty Videos

Videos will vary, due to the extent and time length you’re looking for. 5 minutes minimum of whatever you’d like to see, or watch me do would be $30. 
From $30

Buy My Dirty Knickers

If you want some of my sexy undies in any of my photos, and you can’t be without them, it’s $20 per pair, sweeties.

I’ll play in them all day and wear them for the entire 24 hours and mail them to you upon request. 
From $20

How To Buy

Payment methods include:

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  1. Reply Trevor

    Hello, I wanted to know how I could get in contact with you so I could speak about you about Buying your Custom Photos you haven’t really stated where I can contact you to speak about payments and stuff I plan to buy via PayPal if you don’t mind. If you have Skype for your phone maybe we could talk about it there? Or just normal Email one of the two regardless I wanted to know how I could contact you Thanks -Trevor



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