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If you have just started with us, or are thinking about joining, below you will find some quick tips and useful advice, that has been sent in by our girls.

This page will be updated as time goes on.




Make sure you create a great profile picture!

Your profile picture is the first picture people will see of you. If you use a bad quality photo, what does that say about you, and the quality of everything else you are selling??? Take you profile in daylight, make it interesting or even funny. Girls that express themselves get more clicks.. More clicks equals more people spending money on you..


Make sure people can ready what is on your website!

It can be tempting to use wild colours or fonts on your website, but you should remember not everyone can see some colors. If your website looks hard to read, people will not read it.. They will just move on to another girl.


Get your front page images the right size!

Make sure your front page images are the right size. Your website allows you to put a custom image on the front page, but make sure you prepare the image you want to use first. When you go into the theme customiser, it will tell you the size of the image it expects you to use. Anything bigger will result in your website not looking right. There are lots of websites you can use to resize your images, or you can download the free photo editor, Gimp. Some websites we like are,


If you are selling pictures, make them good!

If you are selling your naughty nudes and sexy selfies, then make sure the quality & presentation is good.

  • Take a series of pictures, sets sell better than a random folder of nudes..
  • Choose 4 or 5 pictures from the set to use as samples..
  • Make sure you resize all pictures to around 1080 on the longest edge (never enlarge pictures, only shrink), this will make them load quicker for people..
  • Take your nude pics in daylight, I know it sounds strange but bad light is the biggest reason given by guys for not purchasing anything..


Ask for help!

If you get stuck ask for help! Our team work 24/7 supporting our girls but we can not help you if we don’t know you have a problem..

This is another great page, packed with useful info..  “




More To Come

We will be updating this page regularly, so stay tuned :-)

Girls if you have used our services and have some tips you would like to share, please send them in and we will add them here..