Sweetpea Has Joined SlipperyBean To Sell Her Nude Pics & Sextapes

Name Sweetpea
Age 26
Boob Size 36B
Status With Partner
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In Granville
Occupation Stay at home mom
Kinks Outside adventure, being spanked, being slightly choked, hearing my fiance moan

About Me

I am a 26 year old momma with an amazing fiancée. I have been into photography for a few years now but I have ALWAYS loved to be naked, being naked for me has always been so freeing and with me having a hippy soul nothing is better then feeling that free and one with myself.

There is a freak side to me though, I love photographing myself nude and at times when requested bringing in my fiance as well. I have always loved to experiment with my body sexually and I have always loved to see what not only makes me tick but my fiance as well, I love to push it to see how far I can take his orgasm.

When I decided to sell my nudes, I learned how amazing it is to full fill another person’s fantasy and I love it, to be told what to do to my fiancée or just to myself by a stranger to make their fantasy come true is a great feeling..

What I’m Willing To Sell

Buy My Naughty Pics

I sell digital versions of my pictures. If you see one you like, email me and tell me

If you want me to personalize any photos or sets of photos please let me know by emailing me. Sets of my own will be $9.00 a bundle of 10 photos.

$10.00 a bundle of 10 that you want personalized..

Buy My Sextapes

I don’t have any videos yet but email me and I might make some for you..

$13.00 a video personalized

My Private Beans

Coming soon…. :-)

How To Buy


  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • MoneyGram 

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  1. Reply Mark

    Hi sweetpea, I was wondering if you would have a photoset or could do one for me please?



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