We have put together some simple tips all about selling nudes and how to make the most money, selling your nudes on SlipperyBean.com

Naughty Naomi Selling Nudes

Tip 1 For Ladies Selling Nudes

Always choose your sample pictures wisely, if you choose poor quality images no one will pay you for nudes.. Also create ‘sets’ or folders of similar images. No one wants a bunch off one off, poor quality, images!

Tip 2 For Girls Selling Nudes

Be approachable, guys like that they can message/chat with girls before spending money with them. Not everyone wants nudes from ‘porn’ stars, most guys want nudes from normal, ladies who could be living right next door..

Tip 3 For Women Selling Nudes

Create a ‘naughty’ persona for your online activities. This allows you to be as naughty as you dare, without anyone being able to recognise you. Change your hometown, or even Country in your bio. Hiding your face as not as important as you might think!

Tip 4 For Girls Selling Nudes

Update your page regularly, and add new teaser photos  (consider adding a naughty welcome video) as often as you can. Make sure you respond to any emails or comments as soon as you receive them. No one wants to be guessing if you’re still active on here.

Tip 5 For Ladies Selling Nudes

Sell as much as you can, create Beans (password protected galleries) containing your naughty nudes, or even sextapes. Also consider selling worn panties / dirty knickers, guys love to get hold of something personal..

18 – 80, It doesn’t matter, sell your Worn Panties here!


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