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NameTVC Queen
Boob Size34B
StatusOpen Relationship
Lives InTVC
OccupationOnline Model
KinksBondage, panties, Deep Throat, Pussy Licking
TVCqueen's Creamys and Things

All About Me

hey my name is tvcqueen and I no tvc doesnt mean I was a man I have always been a women Tvc mean tasty vagina creaminess and I like to play games and make people laugh I love sex and talkng about it I want to know all there is to know about sex.I liked to read and watch Netflix I have 2 boys and I am always on the go with baseball and clubs they are in. so Saturday and Sundays are my days I can do things with them.

I am on here to do what any seller does make money so time is money and I have little time to deal with non payers I dont mind getting to know you and u know me. ask me anything you want and I will tell you kisses.

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What I’m Willing To Sell

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Custom Fansigns

I am very willing to do sexy fansigns. I love writing people’s names on my naked body so they can get off looking at me. I will do custom fansigns for $5 picture and am willing to do custom videos with fansigns on my naked body for $5 a minute

Buy My Naughty Pics

I have several different sets of photo shoots all different prices. Just ask or look on my page you will see some beans I have already posted. Also willing to do custom photo shoots. I sale panties lingerie shoes outfits anything you wan if you don’t see it asked for it

Buy My Sextapes

I have lots of sexy videos doing all sorts of naughty things. And am will willing to make custom videos also. Premade videos should already be priced as you see them in my private beans custom videos are $5 a minute please ask I love making videos.

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Plenty of worn and used panties and clothing to choose from. Panties starting at $25 and up. $3 a day for extra days worn after the 2nd day. Outfit prices will be different depending on outfit $3 a day for extra days worn after 2nd day

Other Things I Am Selling

I sale pussy and ass pops as well as viles of my sweet juices. Message me about prices.

My Private Beans

TVCqueen's Creamys and Things

TVC Sister caught by Step Brother

Sister and Brother Fetish. This is a clip of a Sister caught masturbating by her Step Brother and then things get a little steamy if you know what i mean. Mom and dad shouldn't have left them two alone. lol

Only $17.99 for this Private Bean

TVC Halloween 2019

This is a sexy Photo shoot that I had a lot of fun making. I am wearing a little and I mean little outfit created and made by TVC. I am using a sexy Halloween theme. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Only $20 for this Private Bean

TVCqueen's Creamys and Things

TVC The Unspoken Secret

Two members of Tvc sneaking around and doing something they must keep a secret. Its HOT stuff. If i let you see it, you have to promise not to tell. SHHHH. It's a secret Please please dont tell

Only $30 for this Private Bean

TVCqueen's Creamys and Things

TVC Cold Shower

Join me as my crazy but cute ass takes a cold shower brrrrrrrr I can still feel how hard my nipples got from that cold water. Enjoy kisses

Only $7.25 for this Private Bean

TVCqueen's Selling Her Nudes On

Masturbates For Two Cameras

I get off knowing someone is watching me get off. So while I video myself for someone else I have another special someone video me for himself.

Only $15 for this Private Bean

TVC Handmade Thongs video

TVC Handmade Thongs used as my pussy floss. Thongs cans also be purchased. Love to sell you a custom video with your purchased handmade thong.

Only $6 for this Private Bean

TVC Panty Sniffing and Masterbating

TVC Panty Sniffing and Masturbating

This sexy video is for panty fetishes I masturbate while wearing panties on my face to smell. I can do a custom video as well with panties that you can purchase. Enjoy I did

Only $8 for this Private Bean

How To Contact Me / Buy Stuff

cash app $tvcqueen
venmo @tvc-queen-71337
Twitter @tvcqueen2013
Instagram Tvc_queen2013
Kik (give Kik address for payment for sexting and naked chat just ask)
Live wire (give Kik address for payment for sexting and naked chat just ask)

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  1. Reply TVC Queen

    Yes i am willing to ship to the UK if you pay the shipping. And yes TVC is in America. Let me know i would love to make you my first customer on this site.

  2. Reply Dave

    Nice arse!! Do you ship panties to the uk? I am not sure what country TVC but I’m guessing your in America?



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