If you have an active page with either pay-my-way.com or help-a-girl-out.com then we are in the process up upgrading you to a new style page free!


As you may know, we have operated under pay-my-way.com for many years before setting up SlipperyBean.com. However legacy pages from pay-my-way.com have now been removed as the domain and brand is being shuttered. All active pages have already been upgraded free of charge, with only the (many thousands) of inactive pages left.

If you have a page with pay-my-way.com that has not been upgraded, just contact our team and we will get you up and running very quickly. You will need to send us the EXACT ADDRESS of your existing page, to be able to qualify for a free upgrade.


If you have a page or website from help-a-girl-out.com, then you should have received an email from the previous owner, informing you of the changes. Again you don’t have to do anything if you have an active page or website, as these will be upgraded automatically and you won’t notice a thing. Well you should notice that your page or website gets a lot faster!

If you have an old or inactive account with help-a-girl-out.com then you can always signup with us if you want to get a new style page.

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