Nice Lady Looking For Fun And Selling Pics, Videos And Lingerie

Name Venus_West
Age 24
Boob Size 80C
Status Have Boy/Girlfriend
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Lives In Poland
Occupation Manager
Kinks bdsm, doggy style, lingerie, body stocking, toys, feet

All About Me

Hey loves, I’m 24 years old girl. I finished my studies and I have a loving boyfriend.

I lost my virginity at the age of 14. Now I have a large collection of sex toys that I enjoy using. A few years ago I was into bdsm a lot. Then I fell in love with the bond and stronger games.

I worked on cams for a while, where I learned a lot about fetishes and how to please people. After that, I met with sugar daddies many times. Today I’m in a relationship and I love riding cocks and fucking doggy style.

I am super active online and respond to messages and questions promptly, so don’t be afraid to reach out, I’m hoping you will request customs from me as that’s such a thrill.

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What I’m Offering

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Naughty Pics

I’d love to take some spicy photos for you with or without underwear.

I can also send you pictures of feet, hands or tits. All you have to do is ask me. We will surely reach an agreement.

Nude/lingerie photos are available at $4 per photo and are available in sets of one to five.

Customs available for $6 per photo and are available in sets of five.

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Used clothes are for sale. I can exercise in them, walk for a few days, masturbate or … have sex with my boyfriend ;-)

Worn Panties are available at $50 per one and you can buy more in one package.

Worn sock are available at $40 per one pair and you can buy more in one package.

Worn bras are available at $100 per one pair and you can buy more in one package.

If you are interested in other things, please write to me.

Other Things I’m Selling

If you are interested, you can buy some sex toy that I played before alone or with my boy ;-)

Dildos are available at $120 per one.

Plugs are available at $80 per one and you can buy more in one package.

Geisha balls are available at $50 per one.

You can boy more than one toy in one package ;-)

How To Support Me

my mail: [email protected]

Payment only by paypal!

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  1. Reply James

    Hello beautiful ????I want to buy your used panties, underwears and beautiful pictures and videos, I promise to make you happy and buy all your panties, pictures and videos…..



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