Full range of fetish photos from me and my sexy friends

Name Wereallslutshere
Age 31
Boob Size Fake D’s
Status Open Relationship
Orientation Anything Goes
Lives In Kansas City
Occupation Owner of a Hydrographics company
Kinks Femdom, master, humiliation, degrading, bondage, exposure, bukkake, crossdressing, joi, CEI, slave, high heels, feet, lingerie

All About Me

31 year old male with a completely open mind for anything in the world of kink. I will never kink shame and I’ll try anything twice a lol. I don’t like traditional relationships but as you’ll see on my page my best friends and extremely beautiful females that share in the love of kinks. I guarantee I’ll respond to every single message I receive and will always aim to satisfy your purchase. My page is new so Ive got much work to do but my friends have agreed too help,. Just please understand I work an average 50 hr week on top of running my own business so please be patient with me. I am of course starting this page for the purpose of selling content but with this not being my only income or way of supporting myself it gives me the freedom to offer much more content for the money you spend. I have very very few limits so please don’t hesitate to inquire about anything your perverted little heart desires. If it’s not something I can provide I promise to discuss it untill we can both find a solution we can be happy with. My love for kinks far exceeds my need for money, I’m hoping to gain as many fans as possible with this site because truthfully…the idea of being a web slut is such a turn on!!

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What I’m Offering

You can see exactly what I am selling below. I will let you know if I am selling my nude pics, naughty home videos or dirty knickers. If you don’t see what you want listed, please leave me a message below with what you want, you may get lucky.

Buy My Custom Fansigns

Fansigns and customs are my absolute favorite!!! I have been known to go far above and beyond what was expected to accommodate custom requests ESPECIALLY if your request involves any kind of humiliating or degrading. This is hands down gonna be your best “bang for your buck” I’m impossible to offend and more willing to explore than you would think. So please have fun and don’t hold back with these requests

Buy My Naughty Pics

My sets will be basically divided up by specific kinks and fetishes. I also plan to offer variety sets, solo sets, and couples. The goal is to be a one stop shop for anything that gets you off. If you don’t see it please request it!

Buy My Sextapes

I have Lot more photos than I do videos but that can all change because this page is all about you…and my love of showing off me and my sexy friends…but mostly about you lol. I do absolutely love filming self bukkake videos. I have multiple squirting dildos and the fake cum I use is a powder mix and can make. Up to 5 gallons per container so EXTREME bukkake is not. Only an option but extremely encouraged lol

Buy My Dirty Knickers

Never personally done this one but it’s definitely not something I’m opposed to and also I will happily ask my friends to contribute upon request, as I’ve said I will explore any and all options before allowing anyone to leave my page empty handed

Selling Live

I have. Very little experience in live video chat but I very frequently do live chat with picture and video swapping. My preferred method is Kik: yournewtoy69 feel free to reach out to me there. Just include that you found my name through this site please

Other Things I’m Selling

Ask me for anything! If you don’t see it, odds are it’s not because I don’t offer it, just forgot to mention it or post it. Don’t be shy, I’ll never judge you for any kind of request, odds are if it’s new to me I’ll like it and thank you for adding to my endless list filthy things I enjoy doing lol

How To Support Me

I accept Paypal and cashap. You may message me on here, Kik: yournewtoy69, or email at [email protected] as far as prices my page is too new to set anything in stone so just message me and let’s make it happen!

Photo Beans

To get access now Kik: yournewtoy69, or email at [email protected]

High heel fetish

kinks don't recognize gender, ANYONE can have a fetish for high heels and sexy feet
Costs only $4.50 -- 17 Pictures

Everyone loves a spiked heel

Everyone loves a spiked heel

Men, women, and everyone in-between, can so easily fall victim the high heel fetish
Costs only $4 -- 24 Pictures

Little public risk play

Such mixed emotions, terrified to get caught yet fits exactly what you crave
Costs only $5 -- 26 Pictures

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  1. Reply Michael

    I’m ready to buy from you now and make you my regu lar can’t wait to see you xoxox

    I’m paying your upfront as long as you message me I’m not a time waster I got the price ????



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