Do guys really pay for nude selfies & videos etc?


Do guys really pay for nude selfies & videos etc?

The simple answer is yes. We all know you can see pretty much anything, for free, using Google images etc. but lots of guys like to make a connection with a girl they like. That way they spend a lot more money..

Be Approachable

If you spend a few hours a day interacting with your website visitors, adding new blog posts and pictures you will generate a lot more sales.

Guys like to know you are a genuine ‘girl next door‘ not just some standoffish model that just wants money. So get to know what your visitors want to see and try to provide that personal touch.

Custom naughty photos and videos, that you have taken just for that one customer, will always sell better than a gallery of old images. Offer to write a personal message on your skin somewhere, and show off some sexy samples..

Be Contactable

The little things are important, so always try and answer messages & comments promptly.


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