Would you like to get a free Professional Bean for one year?

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To promote our freshly designed website we are looking for several girls to make two short sexy videos each.

All you have to do is get in front of a good quality camera and make us a couple of sexy videos in return for a Free Professional Bean, for one year.. Yes totally free..


The Videos

What we need you to do, stand in front of the camera, looking completely dressed, then flash your boobs to the camera and say “I’m on SLIPPERY BEAN” making sure you look happy AND are smiling..

The second time must be exactly the same, but this time cover your nipples with a cross of tape..4bzz3qY

Make sure your boobs are completely exposed when saying “I’m on Slippery Bean” not covered by your arms, hair or clothes etc. Your face must be visible and you must look HAPPY!




Your video must be in HIGH QUALITY make sure you check your settings..

Your boobs should be exposed for at least 10 seconds in each video..

Make the tape cross SMALL and only for one of your videos..

Film your video in daylight if possible. The lighting will have a major impact on quality..

Practice a few times and select the best ‘takes’ to send us..

Do not wear a bra, it will only get in the way for this..

Most of your upper body must be visible in the video, close up of boobs only not accepted..

Make it as ‘natural’ as you can and try to look like you’re having fun..



Submit Your Video


Once you have your video ready, go ahead and create an account, but DO NOT make payment. Open a support ticket with the Subject “Free Professional Bean” and let us know your username and the details about your video.

You can attach the video in .mp4 or .mov format as long as it is under 50MB

If your video is larger than that let us know the format (.mp4 .mov etc.) and size and we will let you know the best way to get it to us.

Once your video has been approved we will setup and activate your new website. This will usually take a couple of days max. This offer does not include Sexkey Integration.




This offer is now closed.



37 Messages


  1. Reply Zoe Doncaster

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Zoe

      It looks like its your end. Everything is great here.

      Oh and please STOP spamming links in comments.


  2. Reply London Jax

    I would so love to do this. I like playing with myself and taking nude pictures, sign me up

  3. Reply Dustin

    Will it be possible for guys to be able to join by themselves one day without a girl?

  4. Reply Josephine

    Is this offer still available? If so can you please give me more information?

  5. Reply Colleen

    How do you recieve payments for your pictures? Can you actually make money doing this?

  6. Reply Jay

    Is getting the FREE professional bean for a year a limited time offer? Also, in the beginning of the blog it says we have to be smiling in the video but someone in the comments asked if we had to show our faces, but you said we don’t have to except during registration. So the point where it says “most of the upper body must be visible in the video, no boob closeup, can this exclude the face or must we show our face in the video for this offer?

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Sarah

      No, if you want to hide your face you can. However you may have to provide ID before activation, to prove you are over 18 etc.


  7. Reply Rebecca

    I want to start doing business with you but I am concerned about my identity being safe can you please tell me how I can maintain this anonymity

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Rebecca,

      We will not release any of your personal details, once your account is created you would be in full control of what gets published..

      Cheers Tim

      • Reply Naiomi Horner

        Hi I would love to sell my nudes and do some movies can you help me with this xx

  8. Reply Sofia

    I was wondering if I could use my boyfriend’s credit card to create an account with you guys since I don’t have one?

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Sofia

      Please open a support ticket, and we can help find a payment method for you.

      Cheers Tim

  9. Reply Crystal

    I’m interested in selling some sexy photos….I did photography for almost 3 years and nudes/ sexy black n white were one of my favorites….And tho its been awhile it’s something I really enjoyed and something I’d like to get back into….This just sounds fun…

  10. Reply Jenn

    Can I start an account without showing my face? I would love to sell nudes and make sexy videos as long as I can keep my face a secret and not be recognized walking down the street

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Jenn

      Yes, you do not need to show your face with the Professional Edition.

      Cheers Tim

  11. Reply Amber Lewis

    I’d love to sell a lot of my pics and I’m currently waiting to make amateur porn. My names Miss Perfection

  12. Reply donna

    If I do the 2 video for you for the years free site what do you use my video for just wondering incase I did it then suddenly start getting stopped I the street by people saying they’ve seen my tits on an advert or something lol ??

    • Reply Bean Team

      Hi Donna

      It would be used to promote our website, However we do not have a large advertising budget, so I doubt many people nearby would see you.

      However it is always a possibility.

      Cheers Tim

    • Reply Bean Team

      That’s cool Amber. We like to hear that!

      Let us know if we can help in any way..


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